06 May 2007

what the heck's a freebird?

i started this blog on my 24th birthday, on april 19th. for no particular reasons, except to blog about my life. what's happening around me, what i think, what i've been doing, etc. for myself and for my friends. i have another blog but that's in japanese, and it has become a communicating ground between my japanese friends and myself. so i wanted to start a blog in english. i have been away from home (singapore) for almost 4 years. i've lost contact with many friends back home, and those whom i have kept in touch with, are just a mere handful. i thought i might be better off keeping a blog, for me to one day remember what happened, and also to update my friends on me and my life.

having said that, although [freebird] holiday in the sun is my personal blog, i live for comments and emails. it's great to know what people think, whether or not they agree with the things that i have to say. i've made friends with many people online, and through this blog i hope to make more. so if you do have any comments, please say whatever's on your mind, because it would be great to keep this blog interactive. i also hope to include my take on fashion in this blog.

after all, heck, i'm a fashion addict/student/designer/lover/slave.

actually, cancel the "slave" part. i'm never a slave to fashion.

i believe that you can never overdress. i believe in finding what works for you and working it to the limit. i believe in having your own style, a look that is uniquely you. i believe in living life to the fullest. i believe in living according to your heart, whether you are angry, sad, or happy. i believe in love. i believe in accessories. i believe that confidence is the ultimate accessory.

so what's a freebird?

just in case you're wondering about all the weird names going on around here.

the url of my blog is kansha-shite.blogspot.com. actually i wanted just my name but obviously it was already taken. so the next word i came up with was kansha-shite, and it was available!

kansha-shite, written 感謝して, is to be appreciative in japanese. so i'm pretty glad i got that url. freebird is the title of one of my favorite songs, by the biggest japanese group in japan history ever, ...............smap.

yeah yeah don't crap on me for it. i'm a... smappuholic.
a smap teenybopper and i'm not ashamed to admit it. but why smap?

because they make me happy.

it's pretty simple actually. whenever i listen to freebird, it makes me happy and it makes me feel like dancing and just hopping around, flailing my arms around. holiday in the sun, is actually another smap song, but one not very known. basically it's a song that talks about taking a break and having some fun... in the sun.

haha. it sounds silly but it works for me! i can listen to that song a million times and not get sick of it.

well i can't explain all that here so a follow-up post will come soon.

i love smap and i love freebird, amongst many of their other songs.

here's the song and what it means. this song is like some literature poem to me,and it can be translated into many different meanings.the one i did here is how i felt the song translated to me,so please don't copy it without permission.



for example, even if i didn't have "that"
and if i had "this", i doubt i'd be satisfied.
even if you are kinda calculating how your life
and your future will be peaceful,
even with the sleepless nights and countless happenings
that pain your heart,
once you have managed to take off a few times,
you'd gain confidence and assurance, and you won't quit.

愛するものも 大事なものも 虹のように色を並べて
時間をかけよう 忘れないように この空のように

the things that you love,
and things that are important to you,
will be like the rainbow with all its colors
take your time,
and don't forget.
be like the sky.

freebird freebird freebird freebird

if the answer is out there somewhere,
then one day we'll forget how
we could flit and fly about.
the distance that i have between you
and the times we feel lonely,
it all goes around, so i think that it's alright.
freebird freebird freebird freebird


for example, even if i had thrown away something
or if i had lost something,
i will not be afraid or unsettled.
even if you could lie to yourself just to get something done
just like how it's natural that the rain rains,
and the sun shines and the clouds chase and pass us by,
you are fine just as you are,
and time can go by with me being just me.

夢見る事や 焦がれる事と いつでも向き合っていけるように
時間をかけよう 忘れないように この空のように

at any time, we should be able to face up to, and look for,
the things we have dreamt about,
and the things we have longed for.
take your time,
and don't forget.
be like the sky.


fly towards the dazzling light.
one day, the time that we have spent,
will be more than words and
more than the number of stars.
it'll change into something very dear
and significant.

freebird freebird freebird freebird
freebird freebird freebird freebird

but i think sometimes it's also important
to pause and stop for a while,
just so you can then fly free.
freebird freebird freebird freebird
freebird freebird freebird freebird

i love this song, i really do.

please watch the video if you will. those bums only took 3 hours off their schedules to film this. all low budget huh!
i bet they were just lazy :) but please click and sing along~
free-baaaaaaaard free-baaaaaaaaa---ard!

what did you think?
ps: i forgot to add that apparently, many parts of this video were filmed by the boys themselves. that's why you see them holding all thesereally retro, analog, hand-held video cameras.