01 May 2007


no, i'm not trying to be funny.
i just can't stop burping.

i've never been a burper.
(by the way, is there such a word?)
i never did used to burp.
i could drink a whole bottle of coke and not burp.
it'll be quite something if i burped more than
say, 3 times a year.

but in the last 2 years,
something's like majorly wrong with my body.
i can't figure out what it is.

i think i've stored up all these burps from
many many non-burp years,
and now it's just all comin' right out.
like some never-ending story.

i've been to the doctors to check it out twice.
i've have tubes inserted in me to have a look around.
i've taken my medicines,
finished those damned anti-biotics.
but nothing's worked.

in fact, recently it's just gone from bad to worse.
i think i can burp like 1793728 times in a row.
just burp burp burp burp... bbbbbburp burp bURP.
you get the picture.

it's disgusting.
well I AM disgusted.

the funny thing is that i only start burping when i'm home.
it just keeps coming and i can't stop!!
there are days when it's not so bad.
but there are days when the burps are
seriously never-ending
and i sound like hiccups gone wrong.
you know, not the BURP kind but like b, b, b, burp,
in a hicuppy rhythm.


damn, i tried to laugh but it's not even funny.

today is an especially bad day.
my entire tummy is probably filled with gas
(and NO i do not have constipation, thank you very much)
and worse, the burps won't come out,
so i actually feel nauseus and really feel like vomitting.
i get tears welling up in my eyes,
from a burp stuck in my throat.

how fucking gross is that.

when the doctors couldn't find anything medically wrong,
and all the pills they prescribed didn't work,
i tried changing my entire diet.

that didn't work either.

so i've given up and succumbed to burping.
i'm destined to be a 24 year-old girl in a
65 year-old's rotting body.
or is it the other way around.
a 65 year-old in a 24 year-old's body?


*no offence to anyone 65.
i have grandparents way older than that.


i can't take this any longer.

i'm tired. literally.
i've been up all night cos you know,
i've been all excited since last night HEH HEH HEH
for very good reasons, and wasn't able to sleep.
which isn't a big problem cos
i have all sorts of weird sleeping hours and
stay up all night many times a month.

but i'm tired from packing my room
(i'm moving), and plus this stupid burp's getting
in my way.
it's just killing me dammit.

oh, sorry if that just all sounded real disgusting.
don't worry.
i'm quite grossed out myself too.
with myself.

ps: i recently realised that i'm seeing a black spot.
like when i look at things, there is a small tiny black spot.
when i try to chase it with my eye, i can't.
cos duh, it's in my eye.

so great.
not only am i the queen of the burps,
i've got a freakin' dotted eye!!!

my whole body's probably fucked up.
i gotta get myself checked up when i go home.