06 May 2007

ninja in new york and a chicken?

on the 4th, i met up with
my old friends from bunka
for a something like a last drink together.

unfortunately it was
golden week here,
where basically a whole list of holidays
happen during the week,
so many office workers take the entire
week off and go on a holiday or go back
to their hometown.

so because many of my friends did
disappear elsewhere, in the end i met up
with only about 12 of them.

so i was looking through
all sorts of coupon books
(they have tons here and all with good deals)
and look what i found.

an izakaya (japanese drinking hole) called
ninja in new york.

i thought,
hey. that'll be me!!
ninja rock star heading to the big apple!!

yeah right.

we did go check it out though,
but the moment we walked it, it was just scary.
a really bad themed restaurant gone
extremely bad or something like that.

so we went to another place where they
have all-you-can-drink for 2 hours.
and we went to another place after that.
here in japan, when you're only going out for a drink,
you really just go for a quick one then go home.
but if you tell your friends you're going out to "play"
then basically you'll go for drinks somewhere,
hop somewhere else,
then on to karaoke.
that's the basic cycle of things.

so we moved places, all 12 of us.
had more drinks and more food and more talk,
then unfortunately many of my friends had to
leave to catch the last train.
cos you see, here in japan, taxi fares are crazy.

so while most of them left,
a couple more friends came and we stayed on
for drinks and chat till like 5 am.

my friend, pero, made me a doll thingy...
of our ex-teacher!!!

pero with kano

all of us kept screaming and
laughing when he pulled it out of his bag,
because i can't explain to you HOW much
the doll's face looked like my teacher!

it was sooooo weird!

seriously! this is creepy stuff!

so anyway we went to mcdonald's for breakfast!!!
(24-hour branch)
it was mad but so much fun.
i couldn't believe that at that psychotic hour,
there would be SO many people having mcmuffins.

but check out this picture
from the shinjuku station platform.
millions of people travel through this
station every single day.
it's supposed to be the busiest,
or one of the busiests, in the world.

but you kinda get that idea, by looking at this.
i mean, it was like 5 or 6 in the morning,
and check out the number of people!
by the way this is how all the 16 platforms look like.