04 May 2007

you gotta love shibuya

i love shibuya.

if you've ever been to japan,
you'd love shibuya.

if you've never been to japan,
you'd had heard of shibuya.

if you haven't,

where have you been?!?!
shibuya is the place for people watching,
just standing at the famous hachiko statue.
or just looking at the crowd at the shibuya crossing.

the number of people is just AMAZING,
at any time of the day.
walking down center-gai (meaning center street),
you'll see some famous japanese icons.

not exactly famous in a good way,
but they never fail to amaze me.
with how tanned they are,
with how many colors they put in their hair,
how gross their make up is,
and let's not forget those clothes,
and oh my god do ANY of them bathe!?!??!


them black yamabas and ganburos.
and let's not forget the center-guys (the guy version
of the yamamba; the name's a take on center-gai
where they all hang out. same make up, same clothes)

this is the shibuya crossing.
it's all dark, but you can see the thousands of people.

this is center-gai.

and this is center-guy. gone wrong.

you gotta love 'em glasses.

even in the crowded train,
(no it wasn't peak hour)
you can see how much he stands out.
don't get me wrong, i love the hair color.
but somehow it's just not his color.
and those clothes are just wrong.
i have clothes that color but
he needs a stylist.

i couldn't stop giggling.