21 May 2007

crescent hockey club. and shrek?

i went to watch my juniors from my secondary school
(equivalent to middle school i think) play hockey today.
no it's not ice hockey (no ice in singapore, duh!)
it's field hockey.

i've been playing since i was 13,
and by my own standards,
have had quite a good hockey career,
thank you very much.
unfortunately i also went to japan,
stopped playing,
continued eating,
and ballooned 10 kilograms. YIKES!!

so anyway. i left my school, crescent, at 16,
but i've always had a strong attachment.
not that i loved the school that much,
but i loved my hockey life in that school.
so much so that rilaini, one year my senior,
nordin, my coach, and me, the 3 of us,
formed our very own crescent hockey club.
i left for japan right after we started the club,
but each time i come back and go support the games,
i have this immense sense of pride.
many of my juniors don't know who i am,
but that isn't the point.
the point is that we love the game and we love
each other, enough to make this team happen.
the club has really taken off and considering
where we came from and how we started off,
(and plus, we're only like, 4 years old!)
i think we're doing tremendously well.

it was so hot today, and just standing there and
cheering them on, i was sweating like a pig.
i know it must have been really tough for them;
i remember when i had to play under the hot sun too.
the sun eats up your energy and totally fries you.
yeah, no amount of sunblock would work. really.

they are 10 years my junior, which is really almost
disgusting cos i can't believe
time has gone by so quickly,
and i remember it like it was yesterday:
how at 13, i played my first game,
how at 14, i cried when we lost,
how at 16, as captain, i cried when we won the gold.
i will never forget those moments,
how we trained together almost everyday.
and even though my team-mates and i have
since drifted apart,
those moments will always
hold a special place in my heart.
it's something that can
never be taken away from me.

i also went to watch the club play in the
singapore hockey federation's
womens' premier league last night.
it was my first time since coming back
to singapore that i went down to support them.
it was quite exciting. haha.
i was squealing and shouting;
it felt good to be back.
i had really missed hockey.

so after watching my juniors play today,
i followed nordin and rilaini to our training from 7pm.

i used to be fit and tanned.
but now, i am miss fat and fair.
not a pretty sight.
i saw some really old friends from junior college at training.
first thing sam said when he saw me was,
"is that...?"
and rilaini went,"yes it's gilda."
then desmond said,"gilda you are damn white."

i nearly had breathing problems after warm-up.
i mean, i haven't been exercising for years!!
and haven't been playing hockey either.
the last time i touched a stick was in august last year
when i was back in singapore for holidays.
so i really wasn't much good at training today.
i guess it can't helped because
i simply haven't been training.
but even though i was making a huge joke out of it,
it did make me rather sad.
almost all of the people at training today,
started hockey later than i did.
and there i was making a fool out of myself.

i also slipped once.
my hockey shoes, with a proper grip,
is still in one of my many boxes that i've shipped back.
so i wore my adidas stan smiths.
and fell and lay there laughing.
the damned artificial turf really poked me.

it looks harmless but it stings.

i'm probably gonna ache like hell tomorrow.
wish me luck.

on another note:
my sis and i went to yvonne's house on saturday.
roger and yvonne are my ex-bosses.
but before they were my boss, they were my friends.
or rather, my customers!! haha.
i worked at a nail shop for just 3 months
(yeah i'm mad about nails) and yvonne was one of
my customers. we became friends after that,
and she gave me a chance to work at her design company,
and i really loved it there. the company is her's and
roger's, her husband.
i love their whole family.
they have amazingly intelligent children
and i always love hanging out with the whole family.

so anyway we went to their house with stella,
my sister's friend.
yeah we're all friends. heh.

we had really yummy steak for dinner
and plenty of good laughs.

roger, mr camera geek, has a new hobby.
he makes the weirdest camera accessories
out of foil and rubbish bags.
i couldn't stop laughing when i saw them.
nor could i stop laughing when i saw him using them.

the photos turned out super cool though.

their baby is super cute.
she also put my hair in her mouth when i carried her.

we played wii for a while before going home.
i sucked but it was so fun.
the kids love it.

and here are some things i love looking at.
the birkenstock collection.
no, this is only PART of it.
in sunny singapore, owning sandals are a must.
however, some people *ahem* have too many!

i also really love this lady.
please meet miss prada.