10 May 2007


i'm goin' nuts.
i'm leaving japan on sunday morning.
for good.
i can't take that thought.
i mean, sure, i'm gonna come back again to
watch a concert in summer,
so i know i'll be back again every year.
but, the thought of me leaving all my friends here,
and all the wonderful japanese food,
and oh the fashion, the beautiful clothes...
you can't get clothes like japanese clothes anywhere.
they say paris is the fashion capitol.
for high-fashion, yeah i guess so,
but if you stand in the middle of harajuku,
that's a fashion catwalk in everyday life.

i'm gonna miss all this.

the other reason i'm going crazy is,
like i said i'm leaving on sunday morning.
early morning.
at the moment, it is 4:35am tokyo time,
friday morning (the 11th).

i haven't finished packing.

my house is a junkyard at the moment.

i'm dying
and will probably have a panic attack tomorrow.

i also have a million pictures i wanna put up
but i don't have the time.

plus, tomorrow my computer will be in it's box,
and put on a ship.
two days without a computer (that is also my tv)!!

seriously. i might die.

in any case i've gotta go back to packing.
but i have so many things that i haven't used
for ages and ages but i can't bear to throw them away!!

there are so many things left to do.

i'm in big big trouble.