07 May 2007

saved by the riceball

ever since i sold off my fridge, oven, and gas stove last week,
i haven't been cooking. i have never been a great cook.
don't get me wrong, i love cooking, but i hate washing the dishes,
so i used to cook only about 3 to 4 times a week.
in singapore, i had never done more than to fry an omelette,
so this is a great improvement. and HEY. when i try,
i'm really not that bad.

i can cook a lot of homemade japanese meals now.
but no homemade singaporean meals. haha.
so the past week, with the moving and packing up,
everything has just been busy busy busy.
i've gone out a few times to meet up with friends and
to say goodbye to everyone, then i've had to come home
and spend hours shoving things into boxes.

my house looks like a tornado-hit area and i hate it.
i hate looking at boring brown boxes.

and i hate that i don't have a fridge!!! UGH!
i'm like drinking lukewarm milk or something.
it better not give me a bad tummy.

plus, i sold off my washing machine yesterday and hence...
i guess it'll be dirty clothes for the week and i'm going to
try not to go out so much so that it'll lessen things that
need to be handwashed!

the worst thing is that i also sold off my table where my desktop
computer used to sit, so now it's propped up on a small
foldable table and i'm sitting on the floor and GOD
my back hurts!

i'm old and i've got old bones and i crack my bones
(i mean the knuckles) which probably makes it worse.

when i don't go out to eat i usually go nearby to grab take-out.
so the last few days i've been surviving on japanese onigiri.
ie, riceballs.

well, there are the bentos to buy but riceballs are
way more convenient to munch on.

i wonder if any of you have ever seen
the onigiris that they sell here.
usually onigiris come in a round or triangular shape,
but sometimes it's like a roll.

so anyway, i took a picture of my onigiri today because
i've always been fascinated with how they came up with a way
to pack the rice and seaweed separately,
so that when you buy the onigiri, you can unwrap it youself,
and the seaweed is always nice and crisp and fresh,
and never soggy!!

brilliant eh?
this particular one i bought was a natto onigiri.
that's fermented beans, sticky and smelly,
for those of you who don't know.
many foreigners and even some japanese can't stomach this.
i LOVE it!

having my lunch. i look like the devil.