02 May 2007

i don't wanna leave japan!! & today's get-up 02may2007

what the....
i had just spent the last hour or so
typing a post, and the window froze
so i lost everything. grrr.

i went to visit bunka, my old school, today.
many of my friends have gone up to the
advanced 3rd year course,
(i finished the 2 year course)
and many others have graduated with me
and started work.

they've all been so busy and i haven't seen
many of them ever since we graduated in march.
well i haven't been to school since march.

so today, i went out to the back lane,
to buy a bento and came back to have lunch
in the courtyard with my friends.

just like old times.

the damned wave called nostalgia
hit me hard again.
when i went up to where the classrooms were,
everywhere i went,
people were,
"oh gilda!! how have you been?"
"gilda~~!! congrats on parsons!!"
"gilda!! when are you leaving?!?!"
"*scream* gilda!! *scream* *hug hug*"

god i miss them.

just when you start
complaining about all the homework
and how you wish there was no school,
it ends and you miss it and you miss all your friends.

as i went down the elevator to the lobby
and walked out of school,
i almost started to cry.

once i leave, it'll be a while before
i get to see everyone again.
i've gotta come back for a few more visits,
and meet everyone before i leave.

it really sucks.

3 years ago when i left singapore,
i had the same feeling.
it was the first time i had to live alone,
the first time i had to leave my family and
all my friends behind.

but for the last 3 years,
japan has become home.

as excited as i am to go new york,
i can't bear to leave all that i have here.


i went to the bank after that
to get all my addresses changed.
i can't believe i was there for like 1.5 hours!!

i was feeling really shitty.
and when i feel shitty,
what cheers me up best is...


window shopping!!

of course, i do buy sometimes,
but i don't, many other times.
and i try on anything that interests me.
i look closely at how the clothes are made
when i try them on. so i learn in the meantime.

that might sound really mean, but
my theory is, if i try, i might like.
if i like, i buy!
if i buy, the sales people earn their money,
and everyone's happy!!


it's easy.

here's what i was wearing today.
some people call me mad,
but 80% of my clothes are all unique.

・ tall, black hat by ne-net
・ cheap, 5 dollar t-shirt
・ pink dress by nadine zlotogora
・ blue jeans by rna
・ necklace (with small soft toys!) by mercibeaucoup
・ black studded leather boots by junya watanabe
and this is what i found at mercibeaucoup,
one of my favorite brands.
it's so cute!!
i loved it.