23 May 2007

photo diary

i am in the search for a bloody charger for my digital camera.
yup, i STILL can't find mine!!
i also went to sim lim yesterday,
singapore's answer to tokyo's akihabara,
except akihabara is an entire town and sim lim is just
one measly building, filled with all things electronic.
but they took a look at my camera, and said,
"don't have".


it's driving me crazy.
i usually take a million pictures all the time, and because
my camera captures videos too, i used to take plenty,
and transfer them to my computer everyday!!!
being unable to do that is really irritating.

in my earlier post , i mentioned that i had stolen
my dad's canon 30d.
yeah i've been using it,
but unfortunately, that father of mine keeps stealing it back.
so we're like constantly stealing on each other.
can't he let me have it!!!

anyway. i finally borrowed my sister's boyfriend's
multi-card reader/writer, and managed to extract my photos.
so now i only need to find something to charge those
camera batteries!! yikes!

so here are some photos from the past week or so,
from when i was just leaving tokyo.

may 11

that crazy reiko. everything and anything that she got her
hands on, she put on!! i was like, "aren't you hot!!"
hahaha it was so funny. we ordered pizza and she opened the door
like that. and asked the pizza guy if he wanted my feather mask!

may 13

sasan and me in the taxi, on the way to the station!!
that's the notebook that my friends made for me.
with these drawings of me on the cover. it's disgusting. haha.

the famous singapore changi airport.
in a not very well-taken photo from the back
of my taxi on the way home.

my swollen eye. except that when i transfered the photos
to my computer, it didn't look that bad. but it was actually red
and swollen and the nerve below my eye kept twitching and
irritating the hell out of me!! i wanted to take photos of my
face when i got home, but it was itching and i was scratching,
and my hands refused to reach for the camera.

may 15

we had lunch at a hawker centre at zion road, near my
house. my aunt and cousin, nicole, came to join us.
she's huge for her age and really cute!! i haven't seen her
for a while and she really grew. i hear she's quite the devil
though. at least she's cute. haha.

we went to palm beach seafood restaurant for dinner.
we've been going there for years and always order a big
sri lankan white pepper crab. yummy!!
it's what i call finger-lickin' good. the fried prawns in
almond flakes and nestum cereal is really good too.
but prices have gone crazy the last few years and it's not
really worth going there anymore. the food is pretty
average for the price, and you can probably find equally
good meals elsewhere for much cheaper. and besides,
i give them fail fail FAIL for service. by the way don't
attempt to go there without a singaporean if you are a
foreigner. for many reasons.

palm beach is lucky because they relocated to the
pretty cool one fullerton. i saw pretty cool because it's
right next to the waterfront, and next to the merlion.
you can also get a pretty good view of singapore's
commercial district (i like it at night). across the bridge
is also "the durian", what locals call the esplanade,
singapore's performing arts centre.
(by the way, say "singapore" to a japanese and they
reply "merlion". it's weird!)

may 16

shadow's already 13. she's really old and her senses are
slowly failing. she's even got grey cataracts clouding
her eyes. and she's gotten skinny over the years. i hate
feeling her bones. she has a breathing problem due to
a collapsed windpipe. i hope she stays healthy for many
more years. i can't lose her just yet.

at hard rock cafe for dinner. i love hard rock. good food,
good service. and good food. plus, the one in singapore is
SUPER near to my house. very convenient. i wore a
really colorful anna sui dress and cowboy hat, and felt
very loud in boring singapore. HAH.

may 17

i went out with my sis, bib, and her friends to some karaoke bar,
and had two vodka cocktails, before ordering a whole bottle
of absolute vodka to share with my sis and one other friend.
we paid like SGD140 for it. that's crazy because i can buy it for
SGD17 at the airport!!! why can't everything be duty-free!!
the 3 of us finished the bottle. it was crazy. i haven't been this
high for a really long time.

may 18

chocolate fondue at stella's house!! i LOVE chocolate.
my sis is sometimes disgusted with how much
chocolate i can eat. put chocolate in front of me and
i'll eat it. fry some cardboard and cover it with
chocolate and i'd probably eat it too. you'll know
when a restaurant serves really bad chocolate shakes
or cakes when i don't finish it (hardly never, but
when it's really bad...)

may 21

a night out with bib and my cousins. they are from my
father's side of the family. we had half a bottle of hennessy.
it was a bit too strong for me. haha. do any of us look alike??

they are children from two of my dad's sisters. it's so hard
to get together like this with everyone busy or abroad.