24 May 2007

"in the spotlight"

i got tagged by kim at laketrees for this meme.
however i have to apologise to kim for taking ultra-long
to complete this, cos err... i had no idea how to!! haha!

well for this particular meme, apparantly, everyone
and anyone can participate! woohoo. all you gotta do is
to have a look at the rules, and you're all ready to start!
there are a whole bunch of questions that you can choose
to answer. here are mine:

1. When did you start blogging?
i started just over a month ago, on april 19, my birthday!

2. What makes your blog unique?
to be honest there are millions of blogs out there,
i don't think there CAN be anything unique! but
i'm just blogging about me, my thoughts, and things
going on in my life. so *hopefully*, fingers crossed
and all, that's unique enough! hehe :)

3. Is this your first meme?

4. What are your feelings on the "blog popularity" issue?
well everyone loves being center-of-attention and if
you say you don't then i think you're bluffing. sure i would
love for more readers, but i'm not going all out to get
them. i admire some blog owners for having huge followings,
but i think i'm ok with where my blog is now, and if you're
reading this, please email me and be my friend. +grin+

5. What is your best quality?
i love to laugh and i love to make my friends laugh.

6. What is your worst quality?
i throw a temper when i'm very hungry. i mean hey!
who's got the energy to smile when your tummy's growling,
right? +innocent look+

i'm supposed to tag 5 people to continue this meme...
but i'd rather not. if you do read this and decide to do
this meme, let me know ok? and link-love me. :)