25 July 2007

minus one layer of skin

thank you all, who have emailed me or left comments of encouragement after i announced that i looked devilish. i read everything, had a good giggle and really lifted my spirits. because many of you said the same thing!! here is one of those precious emails, sent to me none other than my favourite pink star, gala.

"Hi sweetheart. First of all, good on you for taking a proactive stance & doing something about your skin. It is awful to have a visual reminder of an unpleasant time in your life.

Anyway, I am sure your skin will look beautiful soon! Just make sure you follow the doctor's orders. This entry kind of reminds me of SATC when Samantha gets a chemical peel... hee hee, & turns up to that book launch looking terrifying! Anyway, stay cute :> xxx"
it was funny because when i first did the laser treatment, i left the dressing on all day as told, and only took it off at night to bathe the zapped areas. first thing i said was, "bloody hell. i'm samantha..."

here was my reply to her:

"hello gala!

thanks for your email!

YES OH MY GOD I AM SAMANTHA. that was the first thing that came to mind when I came home and took off the dressing!! i need a black hat and a blacker veil than what samantha wore to the book party, you know, as the beekeeper. oh god oh god oh god. actually, 2 other people emailed me to ask if i looked like sam jones, which i thought was really funny. my brother asked me to drive him down town today so i did. i think i also gave the guy in the car next to me a shock. i don't look as scary as samantha cos well, she had a peel done to her whole face. mine's just my cheeks. but it looks awful enough and i don't have any of their fancy wardrobes to make me happy. well haha to me i guess.

anyway it is getting better, but not fast enough. hee hee.

thanks :)

with much love and bees,

there she was, my plus one, minus one layer of skin.

you look like beef carpaccio.

women shouldn't have to hide in the shadows because they've had cosmetic surgery, which society nearly demands of them.

yay for samantha. i love you sam jones.