09 July 2007


i'm talking about my sister. she has been meddling downstairs in the kitchen for the past 4 hours. then she comes upstairs holding a bento box.

yeah. for the past 4 fuckin' hours she's been making a lunch box for that boyfriend of hers who's staying over (again) and sleeping (again)!!!

my GOD.

i rolled my eyes at her but i couldn't roll enough.

when she used to stay in sydney years ago, she would cook meals all the time for her ex. but she's never even cooked a meal for my parents before. when i was still staying in tokyo, she cooked for me when she came to stay over, but i highly suspect that was because she was in my apartment almost free-loading for 3 weeks at a time.

the first time she cooked for him, i was politely asked to make an egg. no silly, not like a normal egg-egg, a japanese omelette (tamagoyaki). so i cooked the egg, and left, while she continued on for a few more hours after that, making a take-out meal, while her darling was asleep!!!

i don't believe it!!

i like cooking and i like cooking for friends. but then, they cook for me all the time too.

all that work for hours when the other half is sleeping very comfortably in an air-conditioned room, is beyond me. is this how m.c.p.s (male chauvinist pigs) are borne?!?!

i thought she might have made extra and my family could probably finally eat something she made. but nope. we ain't that lucky. she said she only made enough for him.