13 July 2007

random photos of japan memories

i was just looking through my friendster photos, and i realised how much i really miss my japanese friends. i have like a million photos of my friends that we took together in and around tokyo, but because they are all on my removable hard drive, and because japan and singapore have different voltages, i can't view or upload any of those photos!! (i didn't wanna buy a transformer to convert the voltage cos that's just a pretty expensive buy that i'll only use for 2 months before i leave singapore again.) but now i'm regretting not buying one. shit. i really want to look at those photos.

well i just remembered receiving an email a couple of days ago, asking me about my friends from japan. so i did the only thing possible: i copied some off my own friendster page. *eyes rolling* bah. i wish i had more to show!! ugh i need my removable disk to come alive now!!! :(

so here's a pretty long post of my memories of japan, captured in photos. *sigh*

a purikura taken with friends from my year1 class in bunka. they are so cute and stylish!!

in school with ruby, after one of our fashion shows.
ruby is one of the coolest girls i've ever met.
she's really smart, and great to talk to, and fun!
what more can you ask for!
i love you ruby!!! (and sorry, do you mind if i put your photo up? :))

the infamous japanese peace sign.

in kyoto with my class. god i had too many laughs with this bunch.

with hiroshi and...err.. some of yuka!!
hiroshi is a pretty silly guy who makes the weirdest comments
that have me in stitches.
but ultimately he's just a silly guy but i love him!

at yakiniku with my beer buddies.

how can you not love them!
we always joke that all of us are quite retarded.

4 of us and an "outsider" in the middle.
i love non-chan (second from left) and seri (in red).
non-chan is my tokyo version of aygness.
in fact she's way cooler and always hyper active.
seri is miss polkadot.
she only wears polkadots.

otaru in hokkaido. too beautiful for words.

plain drunk.

bib and i. it's true. we look good only when we're in japan.

pop up sapporo tower.

pop up cheeks.

being a smap fan is never glamorous.

i love baikin-man. much more than anpan-man.

i'll kiss you, shingo, even if you had a face like that.

and finally, i love disneyland.
i love mickey mouse speaking in japanese.
i love the magic.
i've been to tokyo's disneyland 4 times and it wasn't enough.

i realise that i look pretty satanic when i try to imitate pumpkins.