17 July 2007

today's get-up 17june2007

i went to watch harry potter. i've watch all the movies so far and i love them. i really would read the book, but no one's lending them to me and i spend too much on clothes and smap to be able to afford books. (ok i can, but i'm just plain lazy. do you know how thick those books are?!! if you whacked someone on the head with those, they'd konk out!)

i hate being a muggle. i wish i was part witch so that at a flick of my wand, something fantastic could happen. like fulfilling a louboutin fantasy. and wouldn't it be super fun if by just a flick and an "expecto patronum", to have a guardian unicorn come protect you? i sure would love that. i would also love a super flying broomstick. much better than any lamborghini! although i really wouldn't mind either one of them.

  • black cheapo cotton tshirt (cheap and functional and comfy! that's all you need!)
  • many black necklaces
  • olive green deconstructed wrap skirt with the coolest buttons by undercover
  • patent pointy flats

to the people who have called me, smsed me, told me in my face, and emailed me, about my very obviously fading hair color:
YES I KNOW. i know it's fading. ugh.
i've been talking about getting it fixed for a long time but although i am quite vain, i also have a million things to do at the moment. i also am quite broke.

this weekend i will, shall, must.

actually, i watched the 3 hour harry potter movie with my homie, homer, and miss beehive herself. but their couch wasn't the most comfortable of chairs and i left with an aching ass.

seriously. my whole body aches and i'm not quite sure why. i think i might be sleeping too much. either that or i'm just aging.