18 July 2007


i got tagged by mushroommeadows (thank you dear).

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8 random facts, which later became 8 long stories, about me

1. i have a pretty high nose bridge for an asian. many people have asked me if i've had a nose job, to which i reply, "if i did, i'd have made it much slimmer". but it's quite exciting to get asked questions like this cos a nose job is like what, a thousand bucks? (how much is it?) so i feel like i have a thousand dollar nose. however, in my field of sight, even when i'm looking straight ahead, i can see the tip of my nose. which is pretty irritating at times.

2. when i was born, i had no clear passage in my nostrils, which meant that i could not breathe through my nose. basically, it looked like i had perfectly healthy nostrils, but there weren't holes in them for air to go through. when i was about 3 days old, i had to have an operation where the doctors pushed through my nostrils to make breathing passages. hey. maybe that's where my nose bridge came from. but till today, it's difficult for me to breathe through my nose cos i feel like i don't get enough oxygen in (the passageway is apparently quite small!!) so i breathe through my mouth most of the time.

3. hence, i am also obsessive with applying lip balm or gloss, whatever that keeps my lips moist cos they dry out very easily. because of that, i also get a blocked nose almost every morning and use tissues like mad. i have all sorts of breathing problems and hence, if i get a slightly runny or blocked nose before i sleep, i'd snore that night. yeah. not at all glamorous for a fashion puss wannabe like me. shhhh!!

4. this might sound gross, but i crack my knuckles like an obsessive compulsive behavior. and i don't mean just the joints in my fingers. i can crack the joints in my fingers in all sorts of ways, my left wrist (it first happened by accident), my neck, joints in my backbone, my pelvis - the joints connecting to my thigh bones (yeah, i can hear you say "oh my god"), my knees, the bones at the arches of my feet (i hear you again), and finally my toes in all sorts of ways.

5. i am extremely proud of the fact that i can rattle off japanese like a native. i attended some classes just before i actually moved to japan, but lack of practise and definitely lack of revision meant that i wasn't really fluent. but i had smap. and through just watching their shows and listening to them on tv or cd, i was already pretty good in my class. when i went to japan i made tons of friends and within 6 months, i could speak casual japanese with ease. after a year of staying in tokyo, i could speak polite japanese as well. (yes, it is almost like 2 different languages.) some asians can pass off for a japanese, but the moment they open their mouths to speak, you know they aren't. i get mistaken for a japanese based on looks, but even when i talk to a real japanese, they don't know i'm not one, until i say so. then the usual exchange would be
"are you serious?"
"you must be joking."
"no, i'm really not japanese."
i might make it sound easy but when i moved over to tokyo, it was difficult and i did do a lot of homework to get to where i am today. homework meaning studying the texts, AND studying everything smap said. i'm telling you, they taught me a language, and they are my god.

6. my greatest loves are (not in order) my dogs, my family, my hockey club, smap, takuya, my friends, harajuku, and chocolate.

7. i am one of the most guy-ish girls i know. i hate whiny girls. i hate girls who give up their personal lives and time with their friends, just for their boyfriend. i hate girls who are dumb, or girls who act dumb. i hate clingy boyfriends. even if i had a boyfriend, i wouldn't want to meet him all the time. in fact i broke up with two boyfriends before who just had to spend every minute together and i was like, get a life. i can't meet up everyday. and i hate, absolutely HATE, talking on the phone. it was different when i was in tokyo, and i would call up and speak to friends and family here in singapore. i can speak to my parents for hours, and my sister for even more hours. but heck, that's cos i hardly see them. but i hate small talk over the phone. i hate having to hang onto the phone with nothing in particular to talk about. in fact, if it's not important, don't even call me! (unless i'm overseas and you miss me and you know i miss you too. heh heh.)

8. i dream in my sleep a lot. and i mean a lot like almost everyday. i can remember each dream specifically and in great detail. i dream so much that many times when something actually happens in real life, i feel like it's déjà vu. i can wake up from a dream and think, "hey that went pretty nicely!", and think "oh i wish this could happen!". then i can go back to sleep and continue the same dream, and whatever i wish could happen, would. i can continue dreams on following days too. my dreams are usually happy dreams, meaning that in dreamworld i'm usually seeing my favourite dreamboat, takuya. which, believe me, is not a bad thing at all. even better because my dreams can continue on different nights, and seriously, i have a soap opera living in my head and i hope final season never comes.
i dreamt once before, that i killed my uncle. if you've read my previous entries about how i've had some family problems, this fucked-up uncle of mine (who i want to get a lawyer to do papers stating i will not be known as his niece) is the cause of all these problems. he's the fucking devil. i don't hate anyone in this world but him. in my dream, he came to my house to mass murder my entire family, but my dogs found him before he could come into the house and so to protect my family, i killed him. totally stabbed the shit out of him. if it were a movie it'd have to be rated r(a) for violence, blood and gore. i woke up feeling kinda grossed out but wishing he'd hurry and die.
my worst ever nightmare was when i was 4. i dreamt of killer crabs (the crustacean, not the you-know-what) with ginormous pincers, and lids of biscuit tins that would come loose (from the tins), fly around and behead people. i ran to my parents' room crying. definitely psycho.
people tell me i should keep a dream diary. some people say i'm dreaming because my mind is awake and i'm not sleeping well, while others say you can only dream when you're in the deepest stages of sleep. what do you think? and what do you dream about?

oops. too, too long, those "facts".

9. i'm long-winded and have too much to say.

i'm supposed to tag 8 other people but hey, no pressure if you're feeling lazy. i don't even think i have 8 friends, real or reel, with blogs. most of my friends don't blog. most of the people i've gotten to know online, don't have a blog. those who do, when i checked, had already done this meme! so, heck! i don't have 8!

so if you do read this and you love memes and getting tagged, please leave a comment. you can tell me you love me, or you can just tell me you're doing the meme! :) and i'll link you from here. thanks!!

update! i'm tagging miss lesley denford!

much love and super-kisses,