19 July 2007

weekend lover

it's friday, 10.45 in the morning, and i haven't slept all night!! i've been trying to settle my student visa to the US and there are only about 304829374 forms left to fill in. lucky me!

+ i'm bowled over by this gorgeous ring and rabbit brooch at tokyomade.com! they are super kawaii and i'm thinking of getting them for a friend.

+ i've been going ga-ga over these macaroon candles and cupcake bowls. they are like the cutest thing ever!

+ boring plain tshirts and singlets should be banished!! look at these!

+ watching the holiday brought back some really nostalgic memories. jude law's reel daughters had a gorgeous tent in their bedroom. when i was growing up, i had a tent in mine too. it was made up of blankets and all sorts of things, but it was cosy and my siblings and i spent many afternoons and nights in there. i loved the bedroom tent that i saw in the movie. very professionally done of course. and because i also love cath kidston (drool), i've been dreaming of buying a million things and making a tent in my bedroom when i get to new york!

+ i saw these plates and fell in love. they are just gorgeous!! i love those prints! all of them!

+ some time has passed since her death, but i'm still stunned that isabella blow has passed away. she was a great inspiration to me and i looked up to her and aspired to be like her one day. i bought my first red lipstick because of her. she wears the most amazing outfits, discovered 2 of my favorite designers, and sounds like an amazing woman whom no one has bad things to say about. you can read about her here.

+ i love these 2 taiwanese dudes. they are hilarious!

+ diet coke plus mentos = fucking amazing!!

+ one of my favorite tv shows: gaki no tsukai. a crazy japanese show about games, pranks, and punishment. i love it. in this episode, they have to do a punishment meted out by one of them, after losing to him in a game. it's a 24hour long punishment!

+ it's couture season and i'm in love with clothes all over again. here are some of my favorites! ooh i just love anything interesting and OTT (over the top)!!

armani prive

christian dior

christian lacroix

jean paul gaultier



(photos courtesy of style.com)

i'm in a "i-love-cute-things" mode so send me anything you think is cute!! oh! and what are you doing this weekend?

with much love and blueberry pies,