27 July 2007

harry potter and the devil in me

i went a little potter mad after watching harry potter and the order of the phoenix sometime last week. like i said, it's a magical world with spells and wizard hats. what's there not to like, besides lord you-know-who?

i've never tried reading all those books, because the size of it puts me off. don't get me wrong, i do read. but once i start, i can't stop reading, and i refuse to sleep till i've finished. and somehow i don't like saying 'no' to going out with friends or going shopping, just because i want to spend the day reading. so sometimes, when the size of the book scares me, i don't start at all. heh heh.

many people have been telling me to read it though. all my friends do.

problem is, i like the movies, and all my friends who've read the books, hate the movies. the scenes chosen are never good enough; the characters aren't portrayed the way they were described in the book; there is vital information lacking, yada yada yada.

so i'm thinking that i should probably wait till ALL the movies are out, before i start reading the books. that way i can like both the movies and the books, don't you think?

when the last installation of the series, harry potter and the deathly hallows, was released last week, i went a little crazy online cos i had to find out who the heck died. yeah. i went searching for spoilers. my friend, the number 1 harry potter fan, screamed at me. "what??? you're looking for spoilers?? you can't do that! you're ruining it for you!!" said she.

but imagine my happiness when my brother came home with the book. "oh you bought it??? yay!! ok you go read it now. i'm going out. tell me what happened later."

fast forward 5 hours.

i came home, and raced upstairs. "jorim!!!!!! who died???????????"

as my brother opened his mouth to speak, i could hear my sister screaming from below. "i'm coming up now!!! keep your voices down!!! don't tell me don't tell me don't tell me....." and up the stairs she came, hands over her ears.


yeah yeah yeah, say what you will, but i'm a lazy scumbag. i just wanna know who died. i mean, for a person like myself who has not read the books, i'm not willing to wait till 2010 to find out who died. i can be patient but 3 years is too long to be patient. not over a story. no way.

on another note, did you guys read about evanna lynch, the girl who played luna lovegood in the order of the phoenix? hers is a story that proves that dreams do come true. she is apparently a harry-potter-obsessed fan, who, over the years, have dressed up and queued up at midnight to buy harry potter books. she had written countless letters to j.k. rowling, wishing she could act in one of her movies. in fact, her favorite character is luna, which is what she named one of her cats!! she also has one called dumbledore and one called crookshanks (who has died). she went to the casting for the movie, told them confidently that she was the best person to play luna, and look where that got her!!! and she was only 14!!!

i totally respect her for being strong and confident, for believing in herself and acting on her dreams!!! bravo!!! way to go, girl!!! we all have something to learn from her!

also, did you see daniel, rupert and emma on teen vogue? hello? they looked amazing. it's so cool to see them grow up over the years and evolve into such delicious people.

i'm telling you, they are proper stars in their own right and absolutely look the part. you really should go see the rest of the photos and read what they had to say as well. mugglenet.com has all the pages scanned. i'm especially stoked whenever i see emma watson appearing at some gala event or premier. she always looks amazing and pulled together. how many people can pull off chanel the way she can, and at her age? not many.

well i guess, that as the new face of chanel, she does have all the stylists and make-up gurus in the world to help her look good. and excuse me? karl lagerfeld the genius as well!! bah. some people have all the luck and i'm starting to get jealous.

*slap slap* keep the inner devil in check, gilda!

but honestly, i think they've all grown into young adults with a good head on their shoulders, and i really wish them well and look forward to much more of their work.

(pssssst!!! my god. can you just imagine how much they have in the bank? grrr. where do i audition? do they need another asian girl? i can fake a british accent pretty well if they want me to. or japanese. or singlish. ok ok, the devil's going back into hiding now.)

*disclaimer: if you are a true-blue muggle-fan, please take note that while i might have a jealous streak, it's only because i have a personal wealth of a measly, like what... maybe 200 dollars. but i honestly do love harry potter. yes i do. cross my heart and hope to live forever.

update: i just learnt from tee tee that daniel is starring in equus. i went to the site and HOLY. when did he get a body like that? is he hiding it beneath all those wizardy robes, away from public eye?? well i made myself stop looking after a while, because he's like 6 years younger than me and i got a little disgusted with myself. but like i said, when did that body happen??