26 May 2008



i finally imported all my files over to queengilda.com!!

it's still gonna be a little glitchy (because i stayed up 2 nights trying to figure this out and my poor brain isn't working anymore), but basically, this freebird has flown away. catch up, honeys!

it's basically functioning, but i still have to import all my comments over from haloscan. i don't even know if it can be imported... there has been so much spam comments recently, i think i'll have to go over one comment at a time and copy and paste! if any of you spot anything weird with the new blog, please let me know.

well thank you blogspot! it's been a good year. it was good while it lasted.

update your links, y'all!! it's http://queengilda.com! (god! am i a nag or what!) go see it already! shoo!

24 May 2008

i know i know

i know what you're thinking. "where they hell is this girl!"

i am
1. sleeping and growing roots to my bed
2. trying to learn wordpress to move my blog to my own url.

i always thought i was quite average in terms of the technological world. i mean, i know how to operate both a pc and a mac pretty well, i taught myself html and java stuff when i was 14, etc etc.

of course, html seems quite obsolete now and no one is even using it. and wordpress is supposed to be really easy but... i must have either grown dumb or everyone's lying and it ain't as easy as it's supposed to be.


i wanna hire someone to do it but i have 3 dollars in my pocket.

by the way, school's out! woohoo!!! i give myself a week to get this show on the road so i can upload all the great pictures that i took with my fabulous class. it's been a really exciting week! 2 fabulous internships with seriously cool companies (more on that later), meeting the great gala darling, and a super exciting party to go to next week!!! ooooh i hope richie rich of heatherette is gonne be there!!!

*crossing my fingers*

till then, kisses and emails please! :)