30 May 2007

rude singaporeans

me. i am. melting.

i was out today and i saw this guy wearing
a woolly sweater over a turtleneck.
does he know it's like 35 degrees celcius!!
good lord.

i realised today that i complain a lot.
not that i mean to.
nor am i some unhappy person or something.
it's just that it's this personal pet peeve when
things aren't up to standards.
or when you meet rude people.

i hate bad service.
rude sales-people.
rude waiters.
people who can't string a proper english sentence together.
parents who do not discipline their screaming children.
people who blatantly cut queue and pretend they didn't.
i hate them.

maybe, i had been living in a too-polite country
for too long.
but singapore is just getting ridiculous.
i've been back here a little over 2 weeks now,
and every day i meet people who deserve slapping.

like when we went to lunch about a week ago,
to tonkichi at isetan scotts.
my family and i go there pretty often because
it's the only place we know that serves proper tonkatsu.
although i could understand that it was family day and
i do expect for there to be kids around,
i cannot believe that parents can let their children run free.
it's a restaurant, not a fucking park!!

for goodness' sakes,
make your children shut up and sit down!!

there were kids running around and screaming and
playing catching and climbing all over the seats!!
it's not the children who are at fault, but STUPID parents
who fail to reprimand their own kids and keep them
under control.
they obviously have absolutely zero respect for others!!

when i was younger, my parents made sure i sat quietly
at the table when we were out.
if we were at home and i wanted to run around naked,
sure, who cared??
but not when you're out in the public and disturbing others!!

kids nowadays have no manners and it's because
their own parents have none either.

at the same restaurant, we had the lousiest service
by this waitress who obviously chose her own english name.
if i remember correctly, her name was alicious.
no, not alicia, but alicious.
you know, like delicious.
alicious came to take our order, but just as my sister,
who was the first to order, opened her mouth to say what
she wanted, alicious, who obviously wasn't paying attention,
turned to say something to her colleague.
she then turned back and said,"sorry?"

then my sister said,"i want a..."

alicious, failed to pay attention (again),
cut off my sister (again),
and turned to say something to her colleague (again).

my sister said,"are you going to take our orders or not?"

alicious,"oh sorry sorry, what did you say?"

i had a good mind to whack her head.

thank god for the manager who saw me glaring.

then there was this other incident at singtel,
where i went to sign up for a mobile phone connection.
i patiently waited for my turn, standing there for at least
10 minutes because there was only one miserable guy
serving behind the counter.
then just as the previous customer walked away and
it was finally my turn, this other guy came out of
and started asking questions to the guy behind the counter!!
i was so pissed off!

so i ignored him and told SingtelGuy that i wanted
to sign up for a new line.
RudeGuy interrupts with another question.
SingtelGuy decides to be of service to BOTH of us,
and checks answers to RudeGuy's AND my questions!
so i asked SingtelGuy, "is there a reason i had to queue up?"

SingtelGuy,"i'm sorry ma'am, but i'm also checking for you."

"yah but why are you checking for him?? i've lined up and
waited for ten minutes!!"

"yes ma'am, but i will check for you first."

RudeGuy cuts in with another fucking question.

"then why did i have to queue up if people barge in from all over!!"
saying it loud and clear for that RudeGuy to hear.

"yes ma'am, sorry ma'am."

that asshole looked at me with a stupid i-didn't-do-anything-wrong
face, then his girlfriend comes over and looks at me as if i was the
one who had cut their queue. i widened my eyes and glared right back.

bloody hell.

so you see, i think i complain a lot.
like how i'm really peeved that many younger singaporeans
cannot speak proper english.
(but that's another story)
but i feel i have grounds to be irritated.

thank god my parents made sure i grew up with manners.
thank god i know how to say "please" and "thank you"
and "have a nice day!" and thank god i know how to smile,
even to strangers.