02 June 2007


just when i declared how much i love gays,
i opened the papers today to read about a gay gang
in holland who lured victims over the net,
inviting them for an orgy, only to drug them,
rape them and then infect them with the hiv virus
by injecting them with contaminated blood!!??!?!

they said that it excited them, and that the more
hiv-infected people there were, the better their
chances of unprotected sex.

i was shocked. and very disturbed.

people like that are really sick.

how can anyone do such a thing!!!
it's terrible.
have we lost all sense of decency and humanity?

more reading for the professionals
gay orgy gang's hiv rapes stun holland
- the complete hiv/aids resource

anyway i went with my sis and her boyfriend down
to newton circus hawker centre today for dinner.

it's one of the most famous hawker centres
here in singapore. although some of the hawkers
are notorious for touting, there are a couple of
stores that my family and i have been frequenting
over the years. and when i'm overseas and lusting for
some oily singaporean food, i lust for newton circus

i've been dying for some spicy and oily seafood.

it never disappoints.

we ordered sambal stingray, sambal kangkong,
sambal sotong (squid) and oyster omelette.

(in case you're wondering, sambal is a condiment from
this side of the world. it's a kind of chilli paste that's
usually blended with some dried prawn paste that
usually stinks like hell but tastes so so so good.)

and to wash it all down, i drank sugar-cane juice
topped with some lemon.


this is the stingray on the left, and kangkong on the right.

this is the oyster omelette.

now you know why singapore is called food paradise?
eating is our national pastime.

i'm so full, my tummy's about to burst.

ps: today's my dad's birthday but he's on holiday in china.
i know he doesn't read this
(of course i don't tell him i have a blog.
i can't be swearing if he's reading this!!), but oh well.
happy birthday daddy. love you.