01 June 2007

today's get-up 01june2007

i've been super busy the past few days.
it's hockey this and hockey that.
not that i'm complaining though.
i'm loving it.

with the heat in singapore, most people would really
dress down. you know, super simple stuff.
in fact, the average singaporean's daily attire consists
of t-shirts/camisoles, over jeans/shorts/skirts
with beach sandals/sneakers.

well, living in a hot country is
sometimes almost
equivalent to boring clothes. (we're like hovering
around 30 degrees celcius most days,
and super-duper high humidity levels)

however, i REFUSE to dress down.
no no no no no.
(err ok, i will admit that on days when i'm about to faint
from the heat, i'm in basic jeans and t-shirts. BUT i
do try to add some spiffy accessories!!)

i went out with my friends for dinner and drinks today.
one of my friends had gotten a new job as a flight
stewardess with japan airlines, and will be leaving
for japan this sunday, for job training.
boo hoo hoo. i SO wanna go with her!!

well we went somewhere really casual for dinner,
then we headed to our usual hangout at the
four seasons hotel to have some tea.
well, i had chocolate milkshake. yummy.

jillian and i at the four seasons

i took the opportunity to wear a jacket.
i love jackets.
i love layering so i went ahead and decided
to overdress myself.
except that in my vocabulary, there isn't such a word
as "overdress".

"you can never overdress."
-- by gilda
okay okay, so some people look at me and think i'm crazy.
but i don't care *shrug*.

i realise that i have a "turn and look right" habit
when i take full-body pictures.
and a "turn and look left" habit when it's
a close-up shot. is that weird??

i love my junya boots. basically i love junya.
anything junya. he's my idol.
right up there with john galliano and alexander mcqueen.
i get a lot of comments on these boots whenever
i wear them. by friends and strangers alike.
i got the greatest comments and the numbers of stares
when i was in manhattan.
it was well received by the gay community. hahaha.

my favorites were:
"fabulous!!" (said by gorgeous gay, both arms, v-shaped, in the air)
"funky boots!" (said by waiter in brasserie 8 1/2
"oh my~! where did you get those? i must get one!"
(said by super cute gay who i so wanted to be best friends with)

oh i love gays.