20 June 2007

somedays' get-ups 12,16,18june2007

well with no internet access in victoria, i couldn't upload all these photos.
so here they are all at a go.

at the anarchy fairy park.

  • bomber jacket by lowry's farm
  • wool, striped penguin pants
  • stan smith adidas sneakers
and on the inside...

  • weird, deconstructed shirt/jacket by undercover
  • aviator shades

in melbourne city... err, somewhere.

  • checked muffler by ne-net
  • white t-shirt
  • blue tweed jacket with custom buttons by me
  • blue jeans by rna
  • brown pigskin boots by topshop

in a changing room heh heh.

i wore this outfit to the airport. while i was hurrying to the plane (really late for boarding!), this girl stopped me and said, "i really like your necklace. can i touch it?" she reached out and gave my necklace two pokes. it was quite funny. "thanks."

"sure! see ya."