29 June 2007

today's get-up 29june2007

"i can't give you anything, but my love..."

this song by the stylistics has been stuck in my head for DAYS. but not really the original version. it's a remake of it, used in a television commercial by gatsby, a really popular range of toiletries and hair products in japan. it has been playing over tv for ages in japan... i come back to singapore to find that they are promoting the product here as well, and surprise surprise, they managed to get the rights to use the same japan commercial here.

and yes, i'm proud to also mention that takuya is fronting the commercial. HAHAHA. you can watch the whole thing and the many different versions on the gatsby website.

or you can also watch a version here... of nakai, the leader of smap, dressed up as a tpical japanese salaryman (it's for one of his variety shows). at first, he imitates takuya in the commercial. it's hilarious. then when his co-hosts ask him to do the commercial as if it were his own, he did his own dance.

i've been in a really good mood lately and have been singing and dancing around. i must be high on something.

i'm going to watch soccer tomorrow and then stand-up comedy on sunday.
what are you guys doing this weekend?