16 June 2007

greetings from melbourne

hey everyone. i've been like super missing-in-action. my bad.

i've been here in victoria, australia!!! i just got into the city today, but i've been going around to little towns like geelong, ballarat, bendigo, shepparton...

i'm here with the crescent hockey club. we're having a training tour now, and have been playing with all the teams from the towns.

i'm been having a ball of a time. i've even been on the local news! woohoo!

i'm getting the chance now to get to know some of my juniors whom i don't usually get to mix around with. and i'm getting back into the game that i'd once loved so much.

i'm really enjoying myself and i'm so glad i came.

i've got so many pictures to post up, but i've only got 3 minutes left on this computer and i'm doing mad typing right now!!!


anyway i'd just been out for shopping, dinner and drinks with my cousin who's living here, and i had real fun trying to catch up. it's great. superb. i'm having a fantastic time. in fact, i've got too many things to do, but not enough time!!

anyway i'll be heading back to singapore on monday.

so be good okay. heh heh.

lots of love and neon pink kisses,