25 June 2007

lychee love

because i'm sitting here in front of my computer, eating away at the kilo of lychees i bought this afternoon. i wish i could be bothered to get up and make myself a lychee martini *slurp slurp* but nope, i'm like glued to this chair.

psst: don't be a pig like me; try making one!!

use lychee liqueur, vodka, and a dash of lime juice. alternatively, you can use fresh lychee juice if you don't have the liqueur. shake with ice, and strain into glass. top off with one or two peeled and pitted lychees and enjoy! oooh and try adding a stalk of lemongrass to your martini. it adds a totally different flavor and is totally yummy!!

many things have been happening lately, and i've been doing a lot of thinking. my friend tells me i shouldn't think so much. HAH. that's easy to say.

i painted another still-life thingy the other day. it was my second ever oil-painting attempt, and i think i'm getting better. well the first was an absolute disaster; i don't wanna even think about it! i've never had formal training in art or drawing. back in bunka, we had weekly design classes, but that was more of training us in the design (clothing) factor, and nothing concrete in the real "art" part. but yeah, i'm actually really enjoying myself in class. i missed a lesson while i was away in melbourne, so during the lesson i only had time to paint the objects and couldn't go into the details in the background. i'm quite pleased with it though. heh heh. (ok for those of you who are pros, just let me pretend i'm doing ok, ok? ;D)

i'm not sure how it happened, but it's suddenly almost 2am. i've had a long day today. i went to the doctors, went to buy fruits for the family, went to my juniors' training, then went to the club training. honestly, i'm kinda tired, and it's been quite a while since i've been this tired.

it's raining outside. like totally pouring. i love to sleep when it rains, so i think i'll go to bed soon.

sweet dreams, lovers. and tell me what you dreamt about.

neon pink kisses,