21 June 2007

today's get-up 20june2007

i went for a barbeque on wednesday. my junior from the hockey club invited me over cos the girls from their batch were having a get-together. well they were seriously MUCH younger than me. by like 7, 8 years!! god i felt old.

apparently i was the so-called "special, secret guest" and she didn't tell the others that i was coming, and only 2 of them knew. (2 who had gone on the victoria tour)

i got a little shy and only started "warming up" to them after an hour or so. how juvenile!!! *tsk tsk*

it was a roof-top bbq. roof-top being the 36th floor of her apartments. since there were no other buildings that were as tall in that area, we were towering over everything else and it was really pretty. except that i tried to look down and got a little frightened so i reminded myself not to do that again.

  • pink straw hat
  • aviator shades
  • pink singlet by topshop
  • blue dress by kastane
  • washed demin vest by dotti
  • blue jeans by rna
  • chunky necklace by sunao kuwahara

you might realise that i keep wearing the same pair of jeans. yes, i do like it a lot... but it's also because it's my only pair of jeans! and yes, i do wash my jeans. but i really need to buy another pair!! but it's just so hard to find jeans that i really love. okay okay, i actually own at least 5 other pairs but i just don't wear them. when i do wear something else, i always come back to my rnas. it's bad. bad bad bad.

on another note, it was just recently international dress up day!

this month's theme was to dress up as your evil twin or alter-ego.

and here's my alter-ego... who's basically "me" trapped inside:

Meet ギルダ (read: gi-ru-da) who has been living in Tokyo for 4 years, and loves it so much, she doesn't wanna go anywhere else. She passes her days making fantastic new clothes, and her nights drinking sake with friends and getting terribly high. Her weekends are spent prancing around the streets of Harajuku, spending loads of money in the backstreets, laughing madly with friends, and eating terribly sinful chocolate and peanut butter crepe. Ultimately, she's a Harajuku Punk at heart. But shh, don't tell anyone that she's also in love with SMAP and is a secret teenybopper. She takes photos with a peace sign, and never leaves home without her lipgloss or her skeleton ring. There's nothing more she loves than going to karaoke with her friends and singing herself hoarse till morning.

after living in japan for 4 years, i've actually grown to like kneeling down. i kneel everywhere! it's crazy!

a friend saw these pictures and commented on how much make up i had on and i was like, huh? i didn't even have any foundation on or anything. all i had on was black kohl eye-liner, and well my cheeks were super glittery. they have a dot of red eyeshadow on them, as well as a smudge of ultra-fine glitter eyeshadow... yeah, just the way my tokyo friends and i do it.