24 May 2007

shadow is in doggie dreamland

as i type this, she's sitting by me, and making all sorts of funny
sounds. soooo cuuuuuuute!! she had a haircut yesterday.
but i was a little peeved when i went to pick her up from the
groomers'. they cut her hair really weird. i prefer her hair long,
just because she looks prettier, but in this heat, i know it's better
for her to have it short. but the haircut is just awful.

they cut the hairs at the back of her neck so short, but left those
at the front of her neck long?? and at the back, instead of having a
smooth slope from short to long, it looks like... a step. (you know,
from stairs??)
oh god. i can't even describe it.

my baby's growing so old, her brown outer coat is hardly even
growing anymore. with her hair cut short, she's almost all white.
she looks like a lamb. hmph.

bib and i went to meet our cousin again last night. she took me to
the latest hangout in singapore. it's called the cannery, right where
clark quay is. it used to be a really DEAD spot but they did it up with
lots of new clubs and bright neon lights. we went to kandi bar.
well yeah yeah it was kinda cool and all but i couldn't believe it when i
ordered a lychee martini and it came in like a wine glass.
BAH. i was not impressed.

however i've heard a lot about this fashion bar and you know me,
i love all things fashion, so i'm waiting for a chance to go check it out.

after some drinks, we went to this arsenal fan club-ish place.
there used to be this manchester united bar in singapore a few years
back too, but that closed down. which surprised me because there are
thousands of man u fans here in singapore. (err, for those of you who
are lost, i'm talking about the english premier league!)

i'm suspecting this arsenal bar is still standing because it's owners are
just about one of the richest families in singapore, so they don't really
have to worry about paying rental and all!!

we went to watch the uefa champions league finals between liverpool
and ac milan. i was rooting for milan.

as a former man u fan (i worshipped eric cantona),
there is NO way i could have cheered for liverpool.

did anyone watch!!?

unfortunately, i thought milan played really poorly in the first half.
like hardly any possession! but kak
รก is just SO talented. i became
quite a fan after the last world cup. he had this one move in the
first half of the match that got me saying a really loud "OOH!!"

and was that first goal almost a hand-ball? well it was a
upper-arm-ball. kinda tricky but heck! they put in another one to
silence those liverpool players anyway! HAH!

anyway, today i went to play badminton with my coach, nordin,
and rilaini. it was so funny. i hadn't played badminton since
primary 6!! (12 years old)

my juniors from my secondary school had training after that,
and i joined them for a short while. i had aching muscles for
a day after training on monday. well, i had expected that, since
i haven't been exercising for like, 3 years! the last time i ran
was when i last came back to singapore, last year in august!!
(when i joined the team for training.)

by some kind of miracle, my muscles stopped aching today
and i could run and walk.
i've put on a lot of weight the last few years and it's almost
disgusting. i'm not in the overweight bracket yet, but i'm just
leading such an unhealthy lifestyle, it makes ME sick. so now
that i am back here i'm determined to lose some weight and
start exercising again. and hopefully get my hockey skills back!!

anyway, after training, i went for my first ever oil-painting class.
i've never been properly trained in the fine arts and before
attending fashion college, where we used color pencils and
watercolors to sketch our designs, the last time i had ever held
a paintbrush was when i was 12. so i had LOTS of problems in
college just attempting to paint a simple design, so i thought
i really needed to get trained. i've always wanted to try
oil-painting, so since i had like 2 months free here in singapore
i decided to have a go at it.

i joined a weekly class at the nanyang academy of fine arts.
there were just about 7 or 8 people in my class, so i was pleased
that it was small. but i was kinda nervous since i'd never done
anything like that before. since it was the first class for fellow
beginners like myself, our teacher got us to do a painting on
blocks, where we would learn undershading and lighting,
err, that kinda thing.

it was really interesting and i really enjoyed myself. although
i'd have to admit that half the time, i didn't really know what
i was doing. haha. my teacher commented that he noticed
that i don't look at the object very often but i'm kinda getting
it right anyway. i wonder if that's a good or a bad comment.
he also said he doesn't know what i'm thinking cos i was
expressionless. which i thought was hilarious and made me
laugh, cos i have always been miss exaggerated-expressions!
well i guess it was a room full of strangers and i needed to
warm up before letting all my crap hang loose. heh heh.

the lesson went on for about 3 hours, with a lot of "what do
i do next?" thoughts going through my mind. it was really
interesting though, how we all look at different angles, and
even if it were the same angle, how we would look at it in
a different way. don't you think the brain and how we work
is just fascinating?

yeah yeah i know, not very good at all. well cut me some
slack cos i only had 3 hours!! we'd be working on this
again and finishing it up during our next lesson.
hopefully, it turns out much nicer! yikes!