02 September 2007

bless my (poor) fortune

i've been attending orientation all week and it's filled with talk talk talk and more talk, and very silly "introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you" games. wow. i haven't done those since i was like... i don't know when. the "make-a-friend" game kinda works in a way though - the conversation starts off with, "i can't believe we have to do this kind of stuff!"

it's a mad rush to apply and register for classes and i'm gonna have a super packed schedule. noooooooo!!! that totally sucks. my latest class ends at 2040pm!! (that's 8:40pm for those of you who can't read 24-hr clocks...)

i took the elevator at school for the first time on thursday (30th), and got all excited just being in the lift. if you've ever watched project runway, you'll know what i mean. and yes, it's s l o w as hell and totally retarded.

disclaimer: i love it now, but when i start getting late for class because of it, you'll hear me complaining.

my iPhone has finally decided to come to life, hah-leh-loo-yah. i love it and it's so cool but seriously, it has some major glitches that i hope apple's geniuses are working on right now. so all you new yorkers, contact me so we can have hot chocolate together. or a strawberry margerita. i love those. contact me especially if you have tickets to new york fashion week and i will love you forever. i went to set up my bank account the other day, and my banker turns out to be a fashion designer, who's gonna show during fashion week. how bloody cool is that? banker-fashion designer. don't you just love how that sounds??

he invited me over to come see his show. i'm stoked. i have a ticket to another show, but it's nothing fancy pancy. but hell i'm a first-time new yorker so i'm happy with anything.

so. i've been busy looking for a place to stay for the next 6 months. yup, i have my reasons for that, but i'm only looking for temporary rental. it's hard - i went to see so many places and the moment i walk into the room i want to walk out. i saw this place for $2000 and seriously i didn't even dare go into the bathroom, so no way i could ever take a shower in it. new york, as magical a place as it is with so many things to do and see, is an awfully dirty magical land. i thought tokyo was dirty but hell no, new york tops the list. i just want a room to myself in a safe place, with a bathroom clean enough for me to bathe in, you know? of all the dirty things i can't deal with, i can't deal with dirty bathrooms. at all. nah-ah.

anyway, the family that i'm staying with is away for the labor day weekend cos they're sending their son away to college. so i'm house and dog sitting right now, but the dog (read: huge bull mastiff) is pining for his owner (the son) and i can't make him stop. i can deal with shadow whining, but his whines are ginormous. poor boy. he must be lonely too. he's not so cute when he's totally drooling over my clothes though. like major drool drips. i've been wiping his mouth with a paper towel when i see the drool hanging from his black lips. but this weekend i totally forgive him. even though he likes to put his head on my lap and leave me a puddle.

i ordered chinese today and got it delivered. i've always been fascinated with how chinese food is portrayed in american movies. it's like chinese equals take-out here. unfortunately i forgot the size of american portions, so when the food came, i basically could feed another 2 more of me. included with the delivery were fortune cookies.

that's another one of my fascinations. believe it or not i've never had a fortune cookie. i've been to possibly millions of chinese restaurants in my life and had never even seen one. i swear they must be an american invention. so i cracked opened my first ever fortune cookie, and guess what it said?

like, what the hell right? i popped it in my mouth and said, "fuck you." i don't believe in fortune-telling, but i wasn't gonna let this crunchy ass get the better of me. so i broke open another one.

wow. if my fate and fortune were decided by a cookie or two, i'd be dead meat by now.