20 September 2007

sex and my city

i just had to drop a quick note to scream, "YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! hoorayyyyyy!!!!!"

cos whatever ayumi told me a couple of days ago, was totally true!! (i mean, she should know, she's worked for pat field for 14 years.)

sex and the city is in productions! filming has begun!! i'm thrilled beyond words and may (the month the movie's supposed to be released) cannot come soon enough!! i think every girl who has watched the movie would agree with me, that everyone just wants to be in love. there's no better feeling in the world and we can dream about that while watching sex and the city. the way mr big looks at carrie, the way smith loves samantha... i always bawl myself silly every single time i watch the last episode of season six. when smith jumps up and cheers samantha at the cancer event, when mr big tells carrie's best friends that if they think she's happy in paris, he will disappear and never appear in her life again.
i love it love it love it!!

and it's happening all right here in new york city!!! woohooo!!!! i'm crossing all fingers, toes and limbs praying that i'll run across one of the filmings on the streets of manhattan.


you can get carrie's super cute and unique eiffel tower bag from patricia field now!! it's impractical and totally cute!! hee hee!