23 September 2007

i wish i could...


i spent all day at home today. i woke up early to do a whole lot of stuff all scribbled on my to-do list, but it was raining and everything had to be shelved.

so i stayed home and did my homework, and watched tv. and for the first time in my life, i watched "so you think you can dance".

it was amazing. spectacular. it was a back-to-back rerun of season 3, and i've just been glued to it all day. all of the dancers were just brilliant and to do a different dance routine each week and make it their own, it was hair-raising just watching them. i literally had shivers down my spine, and some of the dances were just sooo beautiful and touching, i almost cried.

i've always wished i had a special talent.
i wish i could be more creative. i wish i could be a great designer. i wish i could draw better. but i think secretly, deep down inside, i really wish i could sing and dance.

i've always loved music and i've always enjoyed singing and dancing. not that i'm good at all, but i just love it. (hmm...i guess i'm only good enough for when i'm singing in the shower, or at karaoke with some friends.) i've always loved watching all those teen flicks where the kids dance so well. and today, as i watched "so you think you can dance", i thought again to myself how i wish i could dance like them. it's great watching how they move their bodies. there were so many different genres, but everyone was so talented, and cool and super sexy. i especially loved it when lacey and kameron danced their first contemporary number at the start of the competition. they killed it! it was so beautiful. i could feel the story through their dance and i could feel their pain and their agony.

i loved it. it's inspiring, and just watching them made me feel good about myself, so i can only imagine how it must be to be them - inspiring others and making others feeling good about themselves, and in turn feeling even better.

i think because i love and wish i could sing and dance myself, i get extremely attracted to men who can sing and dance. very, very sexy. add in a great personality and a gorgeous face, aka takuya... very, very sexy. he's sex on legs, thank you very much.

(okay i know i went totally out of point.
but isn't he just so delicious?)

i feel that some things can be learned and trained, but things like singing and dancing, you need real talent to be good. and it's something i have always wished for.

have any of you ever felt like that before?