15 September 2007

new korea

i've been here a month now, and i'm telling you, i have yet to meet a real new yorker. or rather, manhattaner. i haven't! not one.

instead, i've met canadians, mexicans, indians, italians, french, english, chinese, and mostly, koreans.

if you go to korea now, you'd probably get a shock to realise that there isn't anyone there. at all. south korea is a deserted country.


cos they all moved here.

new york is full of koreans. parsons is full of koreans. i hear more korean than english sometimes. in fact, i walked into a japanese restaurant for lunch today, only to realise that all the staff were korean too.

new yorkers don't exist. they never did. they are a species that have never existed and were a fairytale cooked up by the government. new york, really should be renamed new korea. don't get me wrong, i love all my korean friends. they are the nicest people! but if there are gonna be so many of them, they should make themselves more useful and have more korean restaurants to feed my love for korean food.

the weather has finally gotten a little cooler and the last few days have just been perfect. so i was walking around yesterday and wandered around 5th avenue and central park. it was breezy and i was feeling good and there were horses all around, and it was all so romantic.

it would have been even more perfect if the whole place didn't smell of horse shit. that is sooo not romantic.

on a brighter note, however, my macbook pro has finally arrived!!! whoopee!!! i spent all day setting things up. the down side? i've always been a pc user and i'm totally LOST. i have to start learning asap though, because i have more than a gazilion homework to do and a lot of it requires research online, on all sorts of major fashion websites and blogs. now i wish i were a real fashion blogger. shucks.

i do subscribe to a lot of sites, but give me the links to all your favorite fashion sites and blogs, people!! hee hee! :)

check out this uber cool styrofoam layer that wrapped around my macbook! i think it's gorgeous. i had a super cool idea for a print just from it.

also, i've been window-shopping around for small things to dress my room up. it's kinda bare and boring right now and it needs some life. i wanted to put up some photos for you guys to see, but it's too ugly now to share. i do have a pretty picture though.

it's the view from my room. pretty cool huh? i'm on the 18th floor so i do get a leeeetle bit of manhattan's skyline. it's weird though - because of all the pollution and lights, from where i am, it's bright even at night. i'm in midtown now, which is pretty near to school so i'm loving the short distance. eventually though, by the end of the year or so, i hope to live in the east village. it's a gorgeous quaint place and i really like it. in the meantime, i'm here in midtown with my redhead roommate and her super cute and fat pomeranian, bijou, who yaps yaps yaps then licks my leg with her extremely small tongue, rolls over on her back and sticks her 4 short legs, and round tummy, up in the air. she's so cute.