15 September 2007

i heart patricia field

i haven't put much pictures of myself up recently, so you might not have noticed, but my hair has been taking a break - it's been a dark shade of purple for the past 3 weeks or so.

i got sick of that though, so today, i made my way to patricia field. yes, the patricia field, famous stylist to the stars. you might know her as the fabulous lady who styled the clothes on set for sex and the city, and the devil wears prada. let me just say now that i watched the devil wears prada, like 4 times. and i do not know how many times i've watched sex and the city. i watched seasons one to four about 5 times each, and i must have watched the last two seasons like ten times! i'm swear! there was a time when it was all i watched!

so anyway, patricia has a fabulous shop in the lower east side, filled with gorgeous things that i have to stop myself from buying.

there is also a little hair salon in the corner of the basement of patricia field's, and since i wanted to get my hair all bright, where better to get it done, than at pat field's?? it's a place filled with energy and individuality, which i love.

i went for my appointment today with hair guru, ayumi. she's a japanese girl who moved to new york 15 years ago and from what she told me, she seems to be doing really well there!! she's worked in the shop for 14 years! wow!!

i told her i wanted to put back the bold pink streaks into my hair, so she bleached it and then convinced me to put some purple below the pink, so that the pink blends and graduates into the purple color.


it's a little hard to take pictures of, but i hope you can see it. ayumi was really nice and i had such a great time chit-chatting with her.

and yes, i am forgetting a little of my japanese. i can still speak it pretty fluently, but i stumbled on one or two words and boy, i was not happy about that.

just as my hair was almost done, guess who walks in and sits down on the chair behind me?
patricia field, the lady herself.

i'm telling you, i've met my fair share of stars. i've gone up close and personal with my favorite men on earth, smap, and many other major famousness, and i've always managed to keep my cool.

but for some stupid reason today, i met patricia with her two white toy poodles, and i go dumb. like i literally could not talk. i was smiling and wanting to say something, but all that came out my mouth was, "hello~. oh i love your glasses!"

how fucking stupid is that?!!?!?

i wanted to slap myself!

patricia just smiled back, and that was that.

stupid stupid STUPID!!! it was such an opportunity for me to introduce myself and to say that i am a design student and that i really admire and look up to her.

but what do i say? i love your turquoise glasses!??!

patricia had her hair colored by ayumi right after me. ayumi was laughing that i'm making her boss wait ten minutes. for a split second i was like, "oh my god will she get angry!?!?"

and ayumi goes, "of course not!"


i stole a shot which made me feel like a sneaky thief, but all i got was the back of her red head. shucks.