19 September 2007

gouache newbie

i've worked with watercolors before (well, i started using it 2 years ago for the first time) and was pretty confident with it, cos i knew how to manipulate the paint and colors to get an effect that i like. so when i found out that here in parsons, we had to use gouache (pronounced gwash), i thought i could handle it.

boy was i wrong. it's so difficult!!

i got so frustrated today when i was doing my homework.

it was a nice, bright and sunny day today so i decided to move out into the balcony to do my work. but all that good weather didn't put me in a good mood at all. i was going, "UGHHHHHHH." every 5 seconds cos i couldn't get the paints to do what i wanted it to do.

sitting out in my pajamas. it was kinda cold!!

my extremely messy table. i didn't even have a water container and used
a take-out sushi bento cover. how disgusting. i'm disgusting.

we were supposed to get pictures from a magazine or online, and use it to practice our figure drawing and painting skills. the drawing was okay for me but seriously i'm hating the gouache. i took forever to mix the skin color and i still could not get a color that i liked. i repainted (like redrew and then repainted!!) the whole thing twice but hated both pieces. i ended up with a really muddy color which no real person could probably have. well i've never met such a person anyway. i hate that i didn't know how to work the paints and blend them into each other properly. like i tried to paint in the shadows but ended up with super ugly blocks of color. yuck. i hate it.

we're doing swimsuits in class now, so i also did like 50 croquis, which nearly killed me or at least took away 26 of my 27 lives. these are also colored with gouache. it is not a pretty sight. i'll upload some of those when i've finished outlining them, so that you can agree with me.

are you a gouache expert? PLEASE give me some tips!!!! i'm on my knees!

the tv is on now as i'm typing this, and they're talking about a pickle festival that happened on sunday in the lower east side. shucks!! i was THERE in the lower east side that day, and my friend and i decided go take a look after hearing about it. but we stopped on the way to see so many other things, by the time we reached the place, it was closed!! i was so disappointed.

all that was left was this booth selling pickle pizza, which did not look appetizing at ALL, but my "i'm always hungry" friend ate a slice. ewwww.