28 August 2007

i'm mister lonely

i'm mister lonely.
i have nobody
to call on the phone.
i'm mister lonely.
i wish that i could go back

i don't know if the words to that song are correct, but i'm definitely mister lonely right now.

i spent my whole day shopping and photographing bowery, delancy, houston and bleecker streets today. it's a great place and as always, i love bleecker street.

i've been here in new york about a week now, and to be honest nothing's going well. it's a long story but i'm really frustrated. i had really looked forward to coming here but everything's going wrong. it's super fucked up. i'm major stressed out, more than i've ever been in a long time. i haven't been sleeping or eating much, and in fact, i can't even breathe properly and it's as if i can't get enough oxygen in my lungs. and no, i'm not exaggerating. i've been spending money going shopping, which is usually my stress reliever, but nothing's working.

i'm pulling my hair out and getting frustrated with all the fucked up rules here in america that prevent me from getting things done asap, i can't get my laptop and i can't get my phone working, which means i have zero social life so i'm tearing my hair out and definitely feel like killing a whole lot of people.

i apologise if you've sent me emails or left comments on my blog. i know my mailbox is piling pretty high. i usually reply quite fast, but to be honest i really don't feel like doing anything now.

i feel like crying, more than anything else.