24 August 2007

hopping mad in manhattan

hey everyone!!

thank you, for all your well-wishes!!! it was really comforting. i've been going around to orientation and all that, and yeah it's been pretty fun.

i've been without a phone since i got to new york, and i've been feeling more than handicapped. so today i went out and got myself a fancy-pancy iphone. then i got back home and got online all excited, and went onto itunes to try and sign up for a mobile plan with at&t, the company that apple teamed up with for iphones.

but no one told me i needed a social security number to apply online!!!! MY GOD I AM MORE THAN PISSED OFF!!!

i called up the at&t customer service hotline, and they promptly proceeded to tell me that i would need to put down a deposit of 5 fucking hundred american dollars. if the service isn't disrupted, i'll get my money back.

after a year.

fuck!! like what the hell!!!

i'm like steaming.