10 August 2007

weekend lover [pink: it's the color of passion]

pink: it was love at first sight. i'm obsessed with pink now. well basically i've been in love with my haircut and color. i love it!! it's pink on the parts of my hair that were bleached, and red on the rest!!

it's amazing how a cut and color can make you feel good about yourself, and boost all confidence levels!!

i feel i can take on the world!!

in fact, in about 10 days, i'll be taking on new york!

yeah baby, here i come.

well, i am running around like a headless chicken trying to get things ready though. and spending a lot of money whilst meeting up with people before i go! yikes!!

by the way, i'm thinking of moving my blog to a proper url , but i'm almost clueless as to where to get hosted and all that. if anyone reading this has any suggestions or advice at all, please tell me all about it and i will love you forever. in honor of my rose-pink hair, i'm also changing the link color of this blog for a while.

and psst. unfortunately, i won't be updating as much as i would like to, because hey, i love my family and friends and need to spend time with them. well, i also need to spend time packing and stuff. quality time together... we have a good relationship, me and my darling boxes. don't worry you can still email me and tell me you love me.
god i'm so needy.

anyway, lovebirds, it's the weekend!! what are you guys up to? before you do anything, watch this video, pink by aerosmith.

i love aerosmith, and i really love that video. i love how all the people in the video are such individuals. they have their own personality, their own unique style, and it totally shines through!! i love how they look so confident and comfortable in their own bodies!! it's such a beautiful thing and because of that, they all look so damn gorgeous.

sing along with stevie!
pink: it was love at first sight
pink: when i turn out the light
pink: it's like red but not quite (this is totally my hair situation!)
and i think everything is going to be all right
no matter what we do tonight

so look in the mirror and tell your reflection "i love you". then call up someone else - a family member, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a friend - and tell them you love them too. then go out into town together, and paint the town red. or pink.