23 December 2007

today's get-up 22dec2007

it was my last day here in new york before i go back to singapore for the winter holidays. i had thought all the while that i would be spending my first christmas here in new york... in new york.

but i guess, things worked out differently and instead of having a possibly white christmas (although it really isn't all that cold yet), i'd be spending my christmas this year back home, hot and sweaty at 30 degrees celcius (about... 80 fahrenheit i guess?)

just as well. i haven't been home for christmas for the past 4 years. although my sister has come up to tokyo to visit me almost every winter since then, i guess nothing beats being back home. i also don't know what my plans would be for summer and if i can go back home at all, because i might stay in new york for summer school, so i thought it would be a good chance for me to just get on back to singapore even though it's on the other side of the globe!!!

the sadder truth is also that even though i've been here 3 months, i've been so busy with school, trying to catch up on school work,and tiring myself out, then trying to catch up on sleep, that i really haven't made all that many friends yet. most of my classmates have all gone home for the holidays, and i don't really wanna be stuck here in this cold ass place myself.

school ended on friday, 21st dec, and so after sleeping the day off, i finally got off my butt to do some last minute shopping and errands for my sis and friends back home. unfortunately, it got dark pretty early...... and then the most terrible thing happened....


oh my god. i could hardly walk. i wanted to stretch my arms out in front of me and push them all away. unfortunately most of them had already stretched their arms out and pushed me away. and i'm not trying to make any racist comments here, being chinese myself (although i will highlight that i am singaporean before i am chinese), but i hate them dammit. and all those korean aunties with curly hair too. one chinese woman kept banging her friggin' baby pram onto the back of my heels from behind, (you know, the most painful part that people call achilles heel), and she continued doing it despite the fact that i turned around to glare at her a few times. then i just couldn't take it and turned around and told her to fuck off. of course, to make my point clear, i said it in both english and repeated it in chinese. bloody hell. which if you think about it, it ain't racist at all, cos i would have said it to any asshole who kept ramming anything into the back of my heels.

anyway, i do love how cold the air is, i really do love winter. but it truely is rather depressing when there isn't someone special in your life. the scary thing is, although it gets lonely sometimes, i'm almost comfortable being alone. besides i'm so darn busy with school, i can't imagine even devoting my time to anyone else. we started off with 18 people in our class - 3 have either dropped out of school or changed majors, 2 are going to change majors next semester, and 3 more are contemplating the same move. out of those who are still in fashion, 2 have broken up with their boyfriends.

can i just repeat for emphasis how busy and exhausted we are!! one of my friends, who will drop fashion next semester, told my teacher, "this is not what i consider enjoying life."

to which my teacher said, "oh i have seen many a break-up."

boy, that sure is comforting.

i think it was a little sad when i went back to school to get some stuff from that design teacher of mine, and since her design concept class (which is the bane of all our anguish and sorrows) had ended on tuesday, i had finally gotten some sleep and was a little well-rested, and perhaps for the first time in a long time i wore some make-up to meet her. (well, i usually stay up all night before her class and go to school looking like one crappy old hag.)

she said, "oh you look so bright today! you're just... twinkling!"

i'm like...,"i slept. and i have blush."


this is the "somewhat" editorial wannabe pose

this is the "do-it-wrong-and-you-look-constipated" pose. if you're thinking of applying to america's next top model, keep this in mind. (by the way i think tyra banks is insane.)

whatever. i'm no model.

i've been lining my eyes recently when i do bother with make up, to sorta go along with my darker hair. it's weird cos i had pink hair before this, and i bought a diy color kit which was black. however, it went over my hair and the parts that weren't bleached before is now a brown-ish black, and the parts that were once pink, is now blue.

i think this is what they mean by "kill two birds with one stone".

uh.... and if i request for christmas presents, i guess i'd want a teeth whitening gift voucher! eeks!!! too much coke ain't good for those pearlies, kids! it's true what your mother tells you!!

ps: ok i'm like retarded with the computer. i used to think i was quite an average techie, but i proved myself wrong. i've been trying to figure out wordpress and moving to my own domain. however, after reading through all those help pages and forums, i decided that they all look like russian symbols to me. so hopefully i can find a copy of "wordpress for dummies" (wordpress = the system i wanna use for my blog, dummy = me) before i board the plane tomorrow, so i can read it over the 20-too-long-hours flight. or can i exchange technical help for a cupcake? any takers? no? shucks.