07 December 2007

today's get-up 05dec2007

it's getting colder by the day. i love it. heh heh! i just finished knitting this huge ass scarf that's really long, and a stranger in the subway asked me where i bought it.

"hi miss, where did you get that scarf?"
"oh i knitted it."
"you, made that?"
"great! now i can't go and buy it! well i like it."
"ooh thanks!!"

that kinda made my day.

*secret gloat*

i bought those raybans on ebay for like... 20 bucks. i love them and have been using it everyday since i got it!! aviators are the best. my old pair got squashed when a friend sat on them, which broke my heart but this pair is much better. i feel so mean in them.

and with my darling junya boots, i'm the pimp, y'all!!

but never mind that, someone tell me what happened to this nypd car parked outside my apartment.

holy crap!!! i just realise as i'm writing this, that i didn't take any picture with my coat and new scarf!! now that's as silly as it gets. and i really need a new camera.