22 December 2007

please update your links

hello my darlings.

going on from my previous post, most of you know by now that my google account was previously hacked and hijacked by some b*stards whose necks i wanna wring.

something else very unfortunate has happened since then:
for reasons unknown to myself, google has disabled my account, so i can no longer access this blog from my original log-in id.

i originally thought that this blog was lost forever, but by the grace of god, i had meddled around with this account after it got hacked, and had added another blog author to it, so i could use another google id to log in!

you have no idea how ecstatic i am at this moment, because ever since google disabled my original account a few days ago, i thought this blog was seriously lost forever!!!!


i will officially be moving my blog away from this blogspot address. it's very depressing and a long process, but i just hope you guys bear with me in the meantime. so please update your bookmarks and links to


at the moment it is just a forwarding url that forwards to blogspot, but within the next couple of weeks i will be figuring all that out and starting my blog afresh on that url.

psst: i'm going back to singapore on sunday, 23rd dec!!! i'm super excited. then before i come back to new york, i'll be stopping over for a few days in tokyo!!! yahoooooooo!!! more on that later. in the meantime, have a merry merry christmas! hug everyone in sight!! take care everyone!!