23 December 2007

new york illumination

i was running around town trying to get some last minute shopping done and also a shopping list provided by my sis and some friends, and ventured into 5th avenue, which might have been a big mistake. there were just sooo many people, and i wanted to just get out of the crowd. (read about my "ordeal"!!) but i forced myself to stick around and take some pictures, because i'll be going back home to singapore for christmas, and decided that the next time i'll see such a scene would be a year from now.

i somehow made my way to the famous rockefeller center with the famous ice-skating rink and christmas tree.

uhh... ok. i honestly didn't think it was that spectacular. i took this from quite a distance, and only because i realised there were security around who made sure people "flowed" only in one direction and i couldn't enter in from where i was, as it was the exit!!!

this is the walkway up to rockefeller, the tall building in the background.

what i did find spectacular, was the crazy number of people who actually bothered to go around the block to enter in from the "correct" entrance, and fight with everyone just to get their perfect shot. crazy crazy!!

across the street from the rockefeller center is saks fifth avenue, who had pretty cute window displays. i had to shove through people to get to them. not the most pleasant way to pass a gorgeous evening like this. heh heh.

super cute ehh?
for those of you who can watch videos on your computer, i made a little movie thing. i'm not an expert ok!! this is the first time i'm opening up that imovie program! i had to look at the help file! hahaha!