06 December 2007

can someone please tell heidi klum to...

stick to modeling and hosting project runway, and keep her mouth closed?

did any of you watch the victoria's secret fashion show? it was fantabulous. if i were a male or a lesbian, i would have orgasmed and died or something. everyone was so damn gorgeous. long and lean bodies galore!! let's not forget tight butts and big boobs. they are too perfect.

jealous jealous. i hate them angels.

BUT. thanks to heidi, who decided to come on stage with hubby, seal, and sing a duet with him, now we can all be happy and content that she ain't that perfect after all!! YAY!!!!!!!

she appeared and sang some background notes, mostly "and it's all...for you..."s and "ooh ooh ahh ahh"s. but while just reading that might seem like harmless lyrics to you, my darling reader, watching her do it was not very pleasant.

i swear i had maaaaaaajor goosebumps!!! i made a terrible face... and kept it for the entire song.

seriously, it was just bad. like ewwwww bad. the cheesiest thing i had to witness in months. singing all the "ooh ooh ahh ahh"s together, holding hands and swaying to the music together, looking into each other's eyes, and to top it off like all classic cheesy endings, a liplock to say "happily ever after". ooh, let's not forget heidi "popping" her foot while kissing.

yes people, this was part of the victoria's secret fashion show.

honestly, victoria, whoever you are, just because heidi's done the show for 10 years doesn't mean you should have given her free reign to ruin a perfect show, and completely embarrass herself.

so yeah, i feel better about myself after watching her on the show. i mean, i would still kill for her body. but at least i know i have common sense. HAHAHAHAHA.

dammit, who am i kidding. i think the score's still heidi 1 - gilda big fat zero.