28 October 2007

my friend, mr jew

before i start, i just want to say that all smart-aleck comments by yours truly, is meant only as a joke. it's meant to be funny. so don't take it to heart, because i love jews just as i love you.


ever since i came to new york, i have been stuck at home doing work most of the time. i haven't had the chance to make any friends outside of school, and all my friends from school are just as busy as i am. really, it's completely opposite from any glamorous lifestyle.

so when i complained how bored i was, andy told me to come to his apartment building's halloween party. i didn't think we're really go, until about an hour before the party was supposed to start.

obviously, i had nothing to wear.

so i just went as me.


on the other hand, when i reached andy's place and met him, i could not stop laughing. when he told me he was gonna dress up as an orthodox jew, i thought he was joking. (andy is jewish himself but not orthodox.) when the elevator's doors opened and i saw him standing there, i went into hysterics.

it was so fucking funny.

it was even funnier when we reached the party and there was another "orthodox jew" in the house.

ok. i giggle everytime i see that photo. hee hee.

obviously, the look doesn't suit me. boo boo. i should have tried on the glasses and a beard too. shucks.

well, the fun kinda ended there. the party was a little boring and full of people who couldn't speak english. where the hell did they come from. so we left, had take-out in his apartment, and decided that we were both really tired. he took a nap in his room, and i fell asleep on his couch. fast forward to 2 hours later, our plans to go bar-hopping changed and i went home to do work.

my life is just full of exciting moments.