04 October 2007

today's get-up 03oct2007

boy, it's been a hectic week. i'm mentally and physically drained. i've been so busy i haven't even had the energy to feel homesick or lonely. pooh!

if you can't tell yet, i absolutely love these pants.

i was walking around soho with a friend and found the irregular choice store!!! it had opened just the day before!! i was so surprised to see it and it was SO damn cute. i walked in and exclaimed that i was so happy to find them, cos i've always only been able to find them online. then the salesgirl says, "cos it's the first shop ever and we opened yesterday!!!"


and this pair of shoes were chanting my name and calling out to me. i tried to stop myself from buying them but they voodoo-ed me. it's not my fault.

how cute are they?? just HOW CUTE ARE THEY!!! they have ankle straps too but i have short enough legs and don't need to make them look even shorter, so i took them out. i wore them for the first time today while carrying my bag that (really) weighed a ton, and it was so comfy!! absolutely amazing.

i am not a 'heel' person and the last time i wore a pair of heels, i think it must have been more than 6 months ago. i love heels, but it just doesn't suit my lifestyle. so yes, i walk like a bear in heels. but these were so cute and cushion-y. i almost felt special.

hee hee!

quick life update:

1. my mom is coming to new york to visit me tomorrow and i'm insanely excited.

2. coming soon, my dresses collection! keep a lookout for that!!

3. i finally purchased my own domain name. queengilda.com!! i've been waiting and trying to buy gilda.com, which is an empty domain parked lifeless on cyberspace, but it didn't work out and i'm so disappointed. so i went with the next best option. haha! eventually i'm gonna move this whole blog onto my own space online, but for the moment, while i'm too busy to even scratch my bum (eww gross), the url will be a forwarding url to this blog. so lovebirds, remember to change your bookmarks!