13 October 2007

halloween fever

i had some shopping report that i wanted to get done, and after drowning myself in cold tablets and antibiotics, i felt better for the first time in two days. at least i wasn't blowing my nose out and having everyone within 10 yards shooting me disgusted faces.

so i made my way down to the patricia field store again. now, her window displays are always gorgeous, but i really loved this halloween theme!!! it is brilliant!!

when i popped inside, something else that was lying on the register counter really interested me...

ooh, so exciting. i hear that carrie's wedding dress was borrowed from vivienne westwood all the way from london. and my friend who lives on bleeker street tells me that they film there all the time. bah. too bad i'm too busy to even lead a life, there's just no way i'll ever get to catch them on the streets!!

speaking of halloween, what are you intending to dress up as?

i have never had a real halloween before. i think the closest i'd ever felt "halloween-ish" was last year when i went to tokyo disneyland!!! i got invited to a huge bash this year and it is apparently the craziest one in new york. which will be my first halloween in the states, and i'm a bit excited! i don't wanna spend too much money on it though, but it will be pretty cool to be able to really dress up! i just can't think of what i wanna be. well in fact i don't have much time to actually think about it! boo!

what are your plans for halloween this year and what was your best costume ever?