06 October 2007

today's get-up 04oct2007

my classmate, ramona, and i, had talked about how much we love betsey johnson and heatherette, then the next day when we get to school, we see this sign on the notice board outside of class:

so we went to my first ever sample sale together yesterday (thursday), bright and early in the morning. i was ecstatic. betsey johnson dresses for $80. ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't get much better than this. we were one of the first few there, and when we got into the huge warehouse, it was like i had walked into a room of cotton-candy. i was deeply in love.

and here was what i wore!

my god i hate my fat legs.
make that my short, fat, stubby legs.

hello-oh i have a major formal black-tie wedding to go to in less than a month and i have nothing to wear, so i need to lose some damn weight cos nothing's worse than having 'nothing to wear' than 'fat and nothing to wear'.

and to all my doubters who emailed to check how fast my pink and purple hair is fading and how much my pillows are staining, i have this to say:

my pillows aren't pink nor purple, and although the color isn't as vivid as it was, i still get people stopping me in the streets about my hair. so there!

i went to a musuem after the sale, then as i headed home, i walked past the studio for the david letterman show, and saw this whole horde of people crowding around an exit.

i walk past and while looking at the door and grooving to some song on my iphone, this woman gives me the thumbs-up sign. i remove an earpiece and say, "sorry?"
"cool hair. and nice skirt."
"oh! thanks!!.... who's everyone waiting for?"
"rihanna, you know, the singer."
"oh rihanna! was she on the show today?"
"yeah she's supposed to have come out at 4:30pm and it's like six now and she still hasn't appeared."
"are you a fan?"
"yeah i am. are you too?"
"uhm...no, not really, i was just walking by on my way home."
"it'll be cool if i could catch a glimpse though."
"you really should."

i told myself i should stay put and wait a little. i mean, how easy would this celebrity sighting be, right? and i could put it up on my blog, log, log, yeah, yeah, yeah. (you better know what i'm talking about.)

but after i waited there for like, 5 minutes, i decided i was too tired to even bother, and walked away.

i detoured to buy a drink from the nearby drugstore, and when i came out moments later and turned to look, the crowd had dispersed. oops. rihanna has left the building!

while i was buying my coke.

oh well.