02 November 2007

today's get-up 01nov2007

that was me in the h&m fitting room. school ended early yesterday and i wandered in. it's my sin city. but i did find a fabulous, great fitting black jacket for only 49 bucks! it's almost perfect. all i have to do is shorten the sleeves by a slight bit. woohoo!
this was another dress that i bought during the betsey johnson sample sale. i never imagined that i would ever buy myself a dress with shirring because i always thought it would make the wearer look incredibly fat and pile on the pounds.

but i couldn't resist because it was just so darn cute. i have to admit though, that i took 5 pictures in that fitting room, and in 2 of them, i looked like an absolute blimp of a stuffed, very stuffed.... dumpling. thankfully i look pretty normal in the 3 that i posted above. phew.

although i'd admit again, that after a somewhat heavy lunch, i seriously look like a pregnant penguin in that dress.

that's when a jacket comes in handy.

don't you just love jackets?

i know i do.