19 November 2007

victoria's secret... who's victoria anyway?

have you ever wondered who victoria actually is?? haha.

so i was talking about one of my favorite teachers in my last post. he is one of the pattern makers for the victoria's secret runway show.

now tell me again how exciting that is. woohoo!!

so i go to school today and he shows us all these gorgeous gorgeous super fabulous photos of the models in their beautiful outfits. i'm in love and i'm not even gay. i'm sure you know by now how much i love outrageous things, and the victoria's secret shows never fail to please!! ooh la la! hahaha!

ok there were other things but i'm not sure how much i'm allowed to say. he was too nice to even share with us and i'm a big mouth for sharing with you. (but psst. there were super parties after each show and i'm sure we'll see lovely photos soon!)

but till then, and till the show airs on december 4th on cbs, watch these videos to feed your fashion lust!

but my favorite video?
this hilarious one of heidi. ok i'm so jealous of her boobs. pooh.

wanna watch more victoria's secret videos? victoria's secret@youtube