15 November 2007

once you go black, you won't go back

or so they say.

no, i've never done that type of black before. (this is not a racist remark.)

what i have done, is colored my hair black! woohoo!

my hair had been pink and purple for some time now, and for over a month, the color was still extremely neon and vibrant. but around the start of the november, the color started fading and it wasn't as bright and vivid as i wanted it to be.

well, i also got slightly sick of it. you know me, i can't keep one look for too long. i needed change.

so change i did.
bye bye miss faded and jaded, hello miss rock-star black!

i did it myself in my bathroom. it was horrific. i haven't colored my own hair for a long time now, especially black! so when i was done with the color, my entire neck was a disgusting muddy black color. not to mention my ears and even shoulders, even though i had rubbed in a huge amount of vaseline to protect my skin! i freaked out! for a moment, i thought i'd have to wear a knit cap and scarf until the color faded. i spent like an hour in the shower rubbing the hell out of it.

and after all the rubbing and scrubbing, my skin was no longer black. yay!

but it was red. boo.

anyway the last couple of weeks have just been crazy. i decided to drop out of one class because i just couldn't cope. it was too much and it's just not worth killing myself over school. this means that i might have to take it in senior year (when i really want to be concentrating on my final collection and not taking other unnecessary things), but ahh, heck. i just can't do it now.

on the up side, i'm finally getting the hang of what my fashion concepts (where we basically draw and design clothes) teacher wants out of me. she's really nice and funny but honestly, she's crazy and has been loading us with so much work, all of us are stressed, exhausted and basically dying. we get so much more work than the other classes!! it's crazy! and she hates everything i do because it's apparently too costumey and over-the-top.

well i love over-the-top and i refuse to let new york jade me.

another teacher of mine, for my studio methods class (where we do sewing and all that), is like the cutest funniest person ever. i love greg. he's so damn smart and cute and so darn funny i wanna pinch his cheeks. hahaha. get this: he's 28 and has worked for people like karl lagerfeld before!! and, get get this this: i don't know what his exact position is, but he's either head pattern maker, or one of the pattern makers, of the victoria's secret fashion show!!!

yeah, you know what i'm talking about. i'm not talking about the stuff they sell in the stores. hell no. i'm talking about the famous victoria's secret runway show. some of their most famous models include heidi klum, naomi campbell, tyra banks, gisele bundchen, alessandra ambrosio and so on. they are the women whom men wanna lick and women wanna be.

and greg is one of their pattern makers. WOW.

he told us that when we first started the semester, and all of us just went wowowowow and that was it. but then the "wow-ness" of it all finally rubbed in last week when he told us, "i won't be here for class next week because i'll be in l.a. for the victoria's secret show."

holy crap.

how exciting is that?? he says that heidi, gisele and (i think he mentioned) karolina, are the most-est nicest people ever and he loves them to death. ooh ahh. i hope he comes back on monday with juicy gossip to feed my inner paparazzi.

greg also has his own menswear line that is really classy. he always wears his own shirts and i really like them because he pays attention to the smallest detail. and it's called godspeed the well-dressed man. how can you not love him.

wait, back to the victoria's secrets show... i wonder.... doing what he does, does that mean that he gets to touch their boobs and knows all their real measurements? wahahaha. i'm dying to find out.