24 April 2007

maybe he is alive

something funny happened last night.
i recieved an email from the lady who gave me
my portfolio review when i went down to parsons
in march.

so obviously i wrote her back immediately,
telling her about the email i had received,
and that it honestly came as a huge shock to me,
blah blah blah.

then an hour later she replied, saying,
"I have your application on my desk.
I can assure that it will at least get reviewed this week."

"We'll do our best - cross your fingers!"

THEN, she emailed again almost immediately,
asking who it was who had emailed me,

because it was technically incorrect, and they are trying
to locate that person.

like holy cow what in the world is happening?


so she's being so nice and sweet and
helping me out here.

basically i wanted to write her an email saying
"i love you."

i swear i actually clapped my hands together,
looked up at my ceiling and said,
"thank you god! but PLEASE SAVE MY ASS, GOD!!!"

so she's asked me to wait cos they have their
weekly meetings, i think every thursday or friday,
and she'll let me know the outcome early next week.

oh god i really think i might die from a panic attack.

my heart's been beating so fast these last couple of days,
if ANYONE were to do anything to scare me right now,

my heart might over-beat and give one last good jolt,
and stop working altogether.

on a brighter note, i met up with suzie today
for just a while. she'd saved me a slice of cake...
you know, from that surprise birthday party of mine

that i didn't attend.

thanks suzie.

but actually, what she doesn't know is,
if i add this cake, to all the other pieces of cakes
that i've eaten with other groups of friends,
i've already eaten FIVE!!!

yeah i know, i turn to food
whenever something shitty happens.
it doesn't help that shitty things happened
around my birthday, so suddenly,
all my broke friends became really generous
with all the cakes and puddings!!!

and DAMN. desserts in japan are just to die for.
i mean food, here, it's just too yummy to be true.
i never used to turn to food, but it started
ever since i came to japan.
i think it started when i first came.
you know, no friends yet, so all i had was the couch,
my best friend the telly, and my best-est friend,
the triple-choc fudge chocolate brownie.
or my other best-est friend,
the double-consomme potato chip.
yeah they are really good buddies.

i'll introduce you one day, i promise.

see how fat my cheeks are?
it only took me 3 and a half years to get those.
not bad huh?

so i would like to dedicate my cheeks to
mr brown and mr chip.
SANKYUU (read: 39 in japanese. ie, thank you)
very much.
i couldn't have done it without you guys.