28 April 2007

last goodbyes

i met up with some friends the day before (27th).
went to my friend's apartment in roppongi before that,
and surprise, surprise,
there are some nice sunsets in tokyo after all.
(although with all the buildings blocking it,
you don't get to enjoy it that much)

what was way better, though,
was the view from her bedroom
yeah baby,
tokyo tower
in all its glory.

i just love how it's lit up at night.

so my friends and i went for
yakiniku is basically barbecued meat,
mostly beef and sometimes pork.
in japan, the beef is of great quality
(well, depending on how much you pay).
the people here eat all sorts of meat,
yeah even the tongue,
but i draw my line at intestines.
but the meat...
oh the meat......
it is usually pre-seasoned,
but then you can sprinkle salt,
or dip in a special sauce,
or let some basil butter melt over it,
or maybe dipped in raw egg.
i'd say you haven't had a japan gourmet experience
until you've had yakiniku.
and i'd also say you ain't no meat lover
until you've had japanese beef.
we went to ryukaen in roppongi, where the owner,
mr yamauchi, promises the best yakiniku experience
(and he delivers) but shoutaien in ginza
is just as delicious.
depending on the grade of meat you order,
some of the best meat (with A5 class
being the highest rank) can be eaten raw.

god i love yakiniku.
i need to go back and eat a couple
more times before i leave japan.
i also need to have
more sushi before i leave.
my favorite sushi joint EVER
they have many branches and
each one is always packed
and with a long queue at any time.
there is a reason why.
the food is fresh and cheap and good.
i love it.
especially their eel and
flamed fatty tuna bellies.

then yesterday, i met up with 3 friends from bunka.
well it was supposed to be with one more friend,
another foreign student from taiwan.
ACTUALLY, it was supposed to be his small goodbye party!
but the bugger called to cancell
at the last minute! sheesh!!
so we just talked, 3 of us.
one of my friends is helping her dad at his restaurant
which sounds totally tiring to me.
another friend has just started working as a patterner
in a company that makes mens suits.
another friend had started working in sales
at the main hugo boss shop in
tokyo's fashion capitol,
they were describing their jobs and well everything
just sounds so exciting.
speaking of which,
i would probably hear results of my admission
this coming week.
shit, it's really freaking me out.
just thinking about it makes me wanna pee in my pants.
so i went out to the 7-eleven store just a minute away,
to grab some chocolate snacks.
i've been eating these since i was a kid.
these babies never fail me.